Sunday: Day of Prayer for rain |

Sunday: Day of Prayer for rain

Staff Report

A non-denominational Day of Prayer will take place Sunday to ask for a blessing from heaven to restore moisture to the area.

Hoyt Skabelund, chief executive officer for Banner Churchill Community Hospital, said the severity of the drought in northwestern Nevada is having a negative impact on many individuals and families in the area who depend on moisture.

“Several of us began talking and agreed we should have a day of prayer to focus on this one issue that effects so many of us who live here,” Skabelund said.

He said individuals do not need to go to church to pray for moisture, though, they can do it from any location.

“We just wanted to unite people together to pray about something that matters so much to our way of live here,” Skabelund said. “It doesn’t matter if you go to church or believe in a certain religion … this day of prayers allows everyone to participate.”