Support your Fallon businesses this season |

Support your Fallon businesses this season

Special to the LVN
Fallon has a variety of many small businesses that cater to the customers who have unique interests.

Small Business Saturday has emerged as a major event for holiday shoppers who want to support their community.

In fact, a survey showed customers spent a whopping $15 billion with small, independent businesses on the day in 2015, a strong indication of how the day is growing into a major American shopping tradition.

If the trend continues, 2015’s Small Business Saturday is going to be even bigger. With proclamations of support from governments in all 50 states, the day is expected to be a success for locally owned businesses across the nation.

Why Shop Local?

The reason so many people are shopping on Small Business Saturday is simple: it works.

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of spending with locally owned businesses instead of their chain-store competitors. Local shops typically invest far more into their community by using local vendors, employing local people and keeping their profits close to home instead of shipping them to an out-of-town headquarters.

It also results in tax revenue that supports the services and infrastructure in your own town. If you shop locally in your own community instead of traveling elsewhere to spend your money, you’ll know any sales taxes collected is spent on improving the Fallon area — often helping to fund things like roads, sidewalks, police officers and firefighters.

Pure Enjoyment

Another reason to shop on Small Business Saturday is for the fun of it. Small, locally owned shops often have unique Christmas gifts with a local flavor. And if you’re unhappy with the lack of service at many of the big, national chain stores, you may be pleasantly surprised at the personal attention you get by shopping with small businesses.