Tax abatements nix Churchill gains |

Tax abatements nix Churchill gains

Statewide taxable sales totaled $3.78 billion in April, an increase of 7.3 percent over the same month in 2012.

Carson City didn’t share in the wealth, reporting sales ticking down about 0.3 percent to $63.47 million.

City Finance Director Nick Providenti told city officials he thinks the figure is probably distorted because of out-of-state sales that beefed up last April’s report. Out-of-state sales tax revenues may be reported in one county but are apportioned under a state formula to all counties, so while those sales increased the capital’s total taxable sales, Carson didn’t get all the money.

Actual revenue collections were up almost 9 percent in April, Providenti said.

Further evidence the report is skewed shows in the fact that auto sales — the capital’s largest category — were up 14.7 percent in April. Other major categories also were positive and, with the Legislature in town this year, the Eating and Drinking Places category was up 11.7 percent.

Washoe County reported an 8.7 percent increase to $474.1 million for the month while Clark saw a 3.7 percent increase with taxable sales totaling $2.69 billion.

Douglas County also had a good month, with $43.67 million in sales — an 8.4 percent increase. General merchandise stores contributed $6.88 million of that total, a 15.2 percent increase from last year. Building material sales were up 89 percent, to $5.6 million.

Lyon County reported a 13.1 percent increase, to $27.6 million, and Storey had a 42.7 percent increase, to 8.15 million.

Only three counties other than Carson City — Lander, Lincoln and White Pine — reported declines from a year ago.

Statewide, motor vehicle sales were up 16.4 percent and construction industry categories — largely attributable to Churchill County — were up nearly 113 percent. Building material sales statewide were up 53.7 percent.