TCID reports partial water breach near Lewis waste-way structure |

TCID reports partial water breach near Lewis waste-way structure

Staff Report

In the early morning hours of Thursday, a partial breach occurred to the newly placed embankment next to the Lewis Waste-way structure.

According to information released by the Truckee Carson Irrigation District on Friday, all water flow from Lahontan Dam to the Carson Division was terminated. Water deliveries will resume only after repair has been made to the embankment. Depending upon the scope of the necessary repair, water deliveries may not resume for an additional seven days.

A team of specialists from the United States Bureau of Reclamation is expected to arrive in Fallon today in an effort to assist the District in a repair to the embankment. The District views the failure of the embankment, with the resulting cessation of flow to the Project, an emergency. Accordingly, all measures will be undertaken to restore the embankment as soon as possible including the request for assistance from local governments and private contractors.

Discovery of the breach was made by TCID employees monitoring the structure at approximately 1 a.m. on Thursday morning. Flow from Lahontan Dam was immediately stopped Water in the V-Line Canal was then partially diverted through the new Lewis structure to the Carson River Channel without damage to private property.