The Murder Mystery Dinner |

The Murder Mystery Dinner

Last week this column noted that that it would present Teresa Summers’ take on our upcoming annual October event, which takes a sharp turn from what we have done in the past. Here is a taste (slightly edited) of what will be taking place.

“The iced tea and water aren’t going to be the only things served cold on Oct. 19 at the Fallon Convention Center. Instead of hosting an auction for the dogs and cats, we have decided to try something new and totally different for our biggest fundraiser of the year: We are staging a Murder Mystery Dinner, ‘Next of Kin’ (Haley Productions).

“Hamilton Earl ‘Big Daddy’ Sugarbaker (played by District Attorney Art Mallory), a very generous supporter of CAPS, has decided to hold a dinner to benefit his favorite charity, CAPS. Also, in attendance will be Big Daddy’s two sons, Rhett (Naval Air Station Fallon’s Jonathan ‘Jack’ Lazenby) and Ashley (Churchill County Sheriff Ben Trotter), and their wives, respectively, Melanie (local talent Brooke Mori) and Scarlett (CAPS Executive Director Teresa Summers). Philly (CAPS board member Betty Duncan [yes, yours truly]), Big Daddy’s not so ambitious and bitter sister, will be there to show what support she can for her brother’s favorite cause.

“Big Daddy hasn’t been in the best of health lately, so his nurse, Bobbie Joe (CAPS volunteer Mandy Bowman), will be in attendance to make sure that Big Daddy doesn’t overdo anything. It is sad to say, but as is the case where there is money, there are people who hang on and hope to make an impression on a wealthy friend in the chance they will be remembered handsomely in the will. These ‘hanger-onners’ will also be in attendance, but Big Daddy’s lawyer, Beulah Busty (CAPS board member Rita Hand), eyes everyone with suspicion.

“Glenn Perazzo, Churchill County High School’s drama teacher, has taken on the role of director and narrator for our Murder Mystery Dinner. One of his drama students (sophomore Sherry Nash) is taking on the part of Big Daddy’s ex-wife, Savannah. Many other local talents are helping bring this production to life.

“There will be visual clues, as well as CAPS staff, volunteers and board members mingling among the audience, placing clues here and there. You will have to decide if they are being honest or trying to lead you down the wrong path.

“Donation jars will be placed on each table for you to contribute to the care of the dogs and cats at CAPS, or you can bid on the items [two quilts] in the live auction. Be sure to dress comfortably. Remember, this is Fallon and we are a very laid back but respectful community.”

The ticket price is $30, and it not only provides a night of fun and entertainment but also a very fine meal. Catered by Maine Street Café, the dinner gives you a choice of chicken piccata or tri-tip steak, which you will choose when you buy a ticket. These will be served with tasty side dishes, iced tea and coffee. Dessert will be luscious cupcakes much like the ones served last year. A cash bar serving wine and beer will be available.

Tickets can now be purchased at the shelter (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.), our next Walmart Saturday (Oct. 12), Jeff’s Copy Express, The UPS Store and Mutts, etc.

As a final note, please drop by Flower Tree Nursery to buy raffle tickets for a gorgeous 15-gallon blireiana plum tree valued at $79.99. This tree has striking leaf color in the fall and fragrant pink blossoms in the spring. Tickets are $1 each or six for $5. CAPS receives all proceeds of this drawing. The drawing will be held on Oct. 19 at Flower Tree, and you don’t have to be present to win.

This week’s column was contributed by Betty Duncan, a member of the CAPS board of directors.