The new face of the GOP |

The new face of the GOP

He’s square-jawed, with a big mouth and what appears to be a highly overpriced blonde toupee. If it’s his real hair he should fire his hair dresser. He’s a name calling bully. After huge wins in South Carolina and Nevada, Donald Trump is the new face of the GOP. He just may have the Republican nomination sewed up. He leads in every state having a primary on “super Tuesday.”

In his wins, except for the votes of the highly educated, he’s gotten the majority of the votes of conservatives, moderates, NRA extremists, females, males, seniors, the young, Evangelicals, and the poorly educated. Most likely the quality of his opposition has something to do with his winning.

Crowds cheer when he mentions the wall he will build between Mexico and the U.S. I think Trump has never gotten his hands dirty because he evidently doesn’t know that people, especially those with a purpose, can dig under any wall. The wall won’t work folks.

It’s not hard to figure out what Trump will do about our huge budget deficit. He’ll just declare bankruptcy, as he has done several times himself, and stick it to those to whom we owe money.

Before I get into the radical talk radio extremists, who are sliding into the talking about the support of the majority of Evangelicals who for some ungodly reason support him.

I talked to a self claimed Christian the other day and asked him how he could support Trump, who is easily the most un-Christian of all the Republican candidates.

“He’ll make us great again.(yada, yada, yada) Besides no one can stand Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio seems like a kid with very little experience.” That was his response.

How about his vulgar language? I asked. “Well nobody’s perfect,” he said. Do you allow your children to talk like that? I asked. “Certainly not. I taught them better. But Trump isn‘t my kid. Ha, Ha.”

But it would be okay for the president to talk that way?

“Well, not really. But nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes.” Won’t your children talk like him if he becomes president? “ I sure hope not.”

Wasn’t it you that told me that Bill Clinton was going to hell for cheating on Hillary? “Seems, I remember saying that.”

Are you aware that Trump cheated on his wives publicly and has been married three times? Isn’t there something in the Bible about that?

“It is against God’s law, still, nobody’s perfect. And who am I to judge?”

You judged Bill Clinton, didn‘t you? “ That was different, Trump just made mistakes, that’s all.”

Trump has billion of dollars. Didn’t Christ say something like “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven?”

“Yes, but if he didn’t have money he couldn’t get elected. Besides, nobody is perfect.”

Trump once supported abortions, even partial birth abortions. I thought Christians were against anyone who supports abortions. How can you support him?

“He changed his mind,; we all make mistakes.”

Now radio talk show right-wing extremists are trying to enlist Trump’s support for their theory that President Obama and the Unions murdered Supreme Court Justice Antonia Scalia. They have twisted the facts by claiming his pillow was found over his face. Actually it was at the top of his head and against the headboard. John Poindexter, owner of the ranch were Scalia was staying, called the murder theories “nonsense.”

One of the most outrageous comments came from Rick Wiles, host of the Christian-based radio program TRUNEWS, who suggested there were “ possible occult connections” to Scalia’s death and said “the regime murdered a Justice.”


Radio host Mike Gallagher said it was “pretty shocking stuff” and “peculiar” that no autopsy was planned. He left out the fact that the Scalia family requested there be no autopsy. Eugene Scalia said on the Laura Ingram program that “the family has no doubt that he died of natural causes.”

The conspiracy theorist would have us believe the assassins killed Scalia so Obama could appoint a replacement. That being the case they would have killed Scalia several years ago instead of waiting until an Obama appointment is most likely impossible. End this craziness right now! Let his family grieve in peace.

Maybe there isn’t a new face of the GOP after all, maybe it’s still the same old Rush Limbaugh and crazies like Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Wiles and Gallagher.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at