The political warfare of conflict exacerbation |

The political warfare of conflict exacerbation

Jan. 8, 2015, was the fourth anniversary of Jared Loughner’s burst of gunfire that took the lives of six people and severely wounded 13 others in Tucson, Arizona. To this day, retired U. S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords continues her struggle to overcome injuries suffered in that shooting. The horrific decimation of life and debilitating mayhem that Loughner left strewn in the wake of his acts of evil called for a condolence of bowed reverence — which was the respect shown the victims by most Americans.

But for the muckraking smear-mongers of the Democratic Party, the carnage was just another opportunity to stigmatize the Republican Party. Indeed, in no time at all after the massacre and maiming, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was cashing in on the carnage by alleging that the Republican Party created Loughner. Employing her skills at fabricating lies out of whole cloth, the Florida congresswoman sought to persuade the American public that it was the Republican’s “minuteman devotion” to protecting the Second Amendment that also protected Loughner’s right to access a gun — thereby aiding and abetting his shooting rampage.

After deliberating Wasserman Schultz’ attempt to attach a cause and effect connection from the Republican Party’s defense of the Second Amendment to Jared Loughner’s gun violence, the “court of public opinion” returned a verdict of “asinine” against her outrageous allegation. In fact, there never was a tie-in between the Republican Party and Jared Loughner, but that did not matter to Wasserman Schultz What mattered more to her was to roil the contending sensibilities of pro-gun/anti-gun adversaries and parlay the chaos into a growth of political power for the Democratic Party.

The Democrat’s strategy of stoking contentious social conflicts is based upon their perception that no dispute among a people is ever so bad that it cannot be made worse. That explains why they embrace the obstructive politics of conflict exacerbation, the objective of which is to seize hold of every dispute that ails America and work to render the problem implosive.

The depth of the Democrat’s commitment to the politics of conflict exacerbation can be measured by the fact that they put no “statute of limitations” on how far back they are willing to reach into the antiquity of American history for past social strife with which to stoke present social conflicts, such as the racial controversies that are flaring up all around us today. The end-game of that strategy is to never allow a mutually beneficial resolution to come of social disputes that are rife with politically divisive potential. This tactic reflects perfectly the meaning of the message in former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s 2008 directive: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

If one was determined to divide, conquer and subjugate the American people, as are the Democrats, one could not deploy a more effective strategy for achieving that end than the political warfare of conflict exacerbation.

Orlis Trone is an LVN columnist.