Theater draws scout volunteers |

Theater draws scout volunteers

Aly Lawson
Troop 441 member Hamilton Sommer, 15, aids his brother and other fellow scouts in the taking down of unnecessary burlap for sound originally in the Fallon Theatre on Maine Street.

Fallon Theatre board member Glen Perazzo said it has been great to work with Thomas Jamieson and Orin Sommer on their Eagle Scout projects at the non-profit theater.

“The transformation has been amazing,” Perazzo said of the scouts’ work.

Jamieson officially became an Eagle Scout on Sept. 5 and fellow Troop 441 member Sommer is aiming to be one soon, too.

Perazzo explained Jamieson lead a group of scouts, family and friends to remove the burlap off the walls in both the upper and lower theaters. Under the youth’s leadership, Perazzo added, the walls were then washed in preparation for painting.

Jamieson’s mother, Kathy, said they also cleaned the chairs.

“Orin came in a couple weeks later and lead a crew in painting both theaters,” Perazzo said.

The board member also explained how the burlap was put up on the walls when the large single theater became a duplex in 1983. He said the acoustical engineer had suggested the burlap be put up for sound absorption purposes.

“They were afraid the sound would bounce off the walls of the smaller theaters and cause echoing,” Perazzo said. “We’ve listened to the sound and find that it sounds just fine without the burlap.”

The board member noted the young men have done an outstanding service for the community.