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This, that and other things

I’m delighted that this week’s column carries the voices of two other contributors. Teresa Summers, executive director and shelter manager, passed the following along:

“Be it Christmas time or summer time, the fourth-grade teachers at Numa Elementary School always seem to manage to work a food drive for the cats and dogs at CAPS into their busy curriculum. This year was no exception. On May 28 we accepted the bounty of cat and dog food that the fourth graders had collected.

“Ms. Cole, Mrs. Christy, Ms. Adams and Mr. Thompson, the fourth-grade teachers, are to be commended on teaching their students how it feels to give something to someone (be it two or four legged) who is in need.”

Next, fellow board member Pauline Friedrich, who truly is a mover and shaker of getting things done, wants to let you know about the shelter’s newest “facility”:

“Let the fun begin! Freedom Run (our two-acre dog park) is finished! We want to give many thanks to many people.

“Ken Wylie mapped out the area and did the lion’s share of the work, putting in posts and hanging fencing. We are so thankful and appreciative. Dylan put in many hours and was fantastic. John Friedrich gathered materials, helped with fencing and, with George, brought us some shade.

“We were very fortunate to have some materials donated. Thank you to the school board and Mary Lou Lehman for the 40-plus railroad ties (thanks also to the boys’ tennis team who helped move them); Randy Bradshaw gave us T-posts and loaned some equipment; Bob Harrison gave us posts; and Mr. and Mrs. Moss loaned us their power auger (very helpful) and made a donation toward the fencing.

“Thank you to Mike and Lois Shade for posting our requests on the Trading Post radio broadcast and for monitoring the names of donors. Big R gave us discounts on fencing; thank you, Lee, for being super-helpful. We also send a special ‘thank you’ to donors who donated money or materials toward the yard’s completion but wish to remain anonymous. We feel as though Freedom Run was a community effort, so thanks to all of you!

“I just want to finish with this: We have wonderful cats and dogs at CAPS just waiting for their forever loving homes. Please come and visit us (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.); toss a ball or Frisbee (thank you, Sharon Peters, and Dexter’s mom); see the yard; pet a cat — the critters will melt your heart, and you will have fun.”

The only thing that I (BD) want to add here is our need for human seating in Freedom Run. Dogs don’t tire as quickly as humans, plus our furry friends don’t mind sitting on the ground; however, our volunteers need to rest more often and have something to sit on besides bare earth. Though a picnic table has been donated (thank you, Mandy Bowman!), we would love to have more seating to place around the yard.

If you have outdoor benches or chairs that you’re not using, we would happily put them to good use. We only ask that they’re made of sturdy material that can withstand our Northern Nevada winters and summers (the only seasons we have here, it seems). (To see our canine guests having fun in the yard, watch the short video on our Facebook page, Churchill Animal Protection Society.)

Next on the list of happenings, CAPS sends congratulations to Sydney Minich-Akins, winner of the latest tree raffle that Flower Tree Nursery sponsors for CAPS. Sydney is now the proud owner of a vibrant-pink crabapple tree, “Prairie fire” (a $79.99 value)!

We also send huge thanks to all who bought raffle tickets but whose name was not picked. Without your “taking a chance,” the proceeds of the raffle would not have reached a hefty $251, all of which helps us keep the shelter open.

And none of this would be possible without the generosity of Susan Henderson and her staff, who every season of the year donate a tree to be raffled. Every community should be blessed with businesses like Flower Tree Nursery, which also helps many other small, nonprofit organizations in Fallon.

This week’s article was contributed by Teresa Summers, Pauline Friedrich and Betty Duncan.