Thunder, lightning and exploding sounds |

Thunder, lightning and exploding sounds

Kathleen Williams-Miller
Atom, a handsome 8-year-old domestic short hair orange tabby, is a very friendly guy. He loves to cuddle, talk and birdwatch. He will give you a high five for food. Atom is diabetic and must have insulin shots twice a day. Come out and meet him; he’ll tell you a story.

While sitting at the dog park the other day, Denise happened to mention how terrified her dog Belle gets because of thunder, lightning and fireworks. Her other dog, Millie, isn’t bothered at all. Watson is frightened of loud sounds and flashing lights, too. In fact, he becomes a panicked, panting pup during a storm or fireworks display.

Dogs can sense bad weather coming long before humans are aware of it. Perhaps you have observed your dog pacing, his tail down and verbalizing. This behavior indicates the storm is coming soon.

Humans see lightning, but new research reveals that dogs feel it. As a storm rolls in, the barometric pressure and ions in the atmosphere change. All this change causes external signals to travel through their nervous system more quickly.

Static electricity builds up in the clouds and eventually bursts into lightning. Long before the lightning strikes, your dog can feel it generating an unpleasant tingling sensation through his fur. Occasionally, people feel this, too, on the hair at the nape of the neck.

Many dogs freak out during a thunderstorm and attempt to become grounded by getting as low as possible. Belle hides in the closet, and Watson hunkers down by me. I have been swaddling him with a towel, but he is still fearful. During the last storm, I did buy some “Happy Traveler” natural calming capsules, and I was amazed by how well they worked.

I suspect the reason some dogs are afraid of fireworks stems from associating flashing lights and loud sound with the uncomfortable sensations they experience during a storm. There are many products on the market for dogs and cats that help with anxiety. At this point, I have only tried one but I will do anything to help Watson weather the storm because he’s my BFF.


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