Tracking down those dog tears |

Tracking down those dog tears

Kathleen Williams-Miller
Eleven is a beautiful one-year-old Lab/Rottweiler mix. She came to CAPS with her brother Draco. She is outgoing, friendly and loves to play. She’s looking for a forever home with someone who will take time to enjoy her. Come out and meet this sweet girl.

Watson here and I have to tell you that I was recently in tears. In fact, I woke mom up real early in the morning so she could see my eyes; one eye was itchy and red. She got a warm towel to put on my eyes and a treat to ease my distress.

My mom thought it might be allergies but decided I needed to go to the veterinarian. It’s a good thing we did because it turned out that I had a plugged tear duct. The exam was great! My veterinarian put a special fluorescent stain dye in my eyes, and then she used a black light to see if there were any scratches.

After a complete exam including a thermometer up my bum, she flushed my eyes. The goal of flushing the eyes is to see if the liquid comes out the nose. I didn’t realize how closely the nose and eyes are connected. Unfortunately, one of my tear ducts was clogged.

This condition is call epiphora, and most patients with epiphora can experience several episodes during their life. To get the duct to drain, there are a couple of solutions. My veterinarian decided to try a cream to unplug the duct. It has worked and I think I’m home free.

If the simple solution didn’t work, the veterinarian would have sedated me and cleared the tear duct using a special instrument. The instrument is inserted into the tear duct to flush out the contents.

Sometimes allergies or infections cause the ducts to become narrowed, but flushing can help keep them clear. I’m happy to report that I’m breathing easy and no tears for this big guy.

XOXO Watson


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