Treat your dog to a special treat |

Treat your dog to a special treat

By Kathleen Williams-Miller
Sady is a gorgeous two-year-old Siberian husky mix. She has sky blue eyes that look into your soul. Her favorite things are water and long walks. She’s the darling of doggie day care. Sady is an escape artist and would do best with a family who can spend time with her. Come out and meet this adorable girl.

Today is National Dog Day and it’s doggone time to treat your BFF to a special surprise. It’s amazing that so many places catering to humans are now including dogs. I did a little research on the fast food places that offer specialties for your pet, and I would like to share that with you.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit, this but every time we go to Starbucks I ask for a big Puppuccino for Watson. He is a big boy, and he really enjoys them. A Puppuccino is a miniature cup filled with whipped cream. The last time I asked for one the Barista said, “Yes, we intend to get everyone addicted, even dogs.”

Another place that serves treats for your pup is Sonic Drive-in. As you place your order, mention that your dog is with you, and would like a treat. When your carhop delivers your dinner, your BFF will get a treat and you can enjoy the experience together.

We don’t have a Shake Shack in Fallon, but when you are in Reno you can check out the dog-friendly menu. The two most popular items are the Bag O’ Bones, which includes five biscuits and a Pooch-ini, which is a scoop of custard with two dog cookies. What a yummy treat!

At In-N-Out Burger your pup can enjoy a Pup Patty, a special unseasoned beef patty specifically made for a “pupalucious” experience. It just might save you from having a begging buddy staring at your lunch. Unfortunately, if your pal is like Watson, he will be finished long before you even start.

When you are ordering goodies at Dairy Queen, ask for a complimentary Pup Cup, which is a small portion of vanilla soft serve ice cream with a dog cookie. Of course you can always get a child-size cone and take a lick before you give it to your buddy. That’s kind of cheating, isn’t it? My brother used to always take a big lick out of my cone before he handed it to me. Grrr!

The most important thing to remember when getting treats for you BFF is that the calories add up quickly and a treat should be just that a treat.


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The wonderful families who adopted Hershey, Stella, Thor and Sally. A Four-Paw-Salute to you!


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August Pet Holiday: National Dog Day is Aug. 26.

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