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Update on burn victims

Staff report

Two Fallon men are making gradual improvement at the University of California, Davis burn center.

Daniel Snodgrass, the 24-year-old man injured in a blast at the Bango Oil refinery plant on Dec. 9 is improving, according to his family’s Facebook site, Praying for Daniel.

Not everyone has a Facebook site, so this is the latest news prior to deadline.

Doctors have taken out all the staples from Snodgrass and removed the wet dressings. According to the medical staff, everything looks good, and his entire body is wrapped with gray foam with a white fish net material over it.

Snodgrass’ fingers are individually wrapped. He was sedated for most of Monday. The medical staff took the IV out of the groin area and moved it to his upper arm to reduce chances of infection. Their goal is to have Snodgrass begin walking a little as soon as possible because the longer he’s in bed, the harder it will be for him to move.

Trent Workman, who was injured when re-igniting a furnace at his apartment on Dec. 7, also continues to make progress, His girlfriend, Sarah Robertson, has been staying with him.

“He is doing well with his healing, but he is still in a lot of pain,” said Robertson.

Sometime on Tuesday, doctors will advise Workman if he needs surgery on his severely burned right hand, and when he may be able to return to Fallon.

Both families have established bank accounts to assist both burn victims and the families who are at the burn center. Donations to the Wells Fargo accounts also help family members with the day-to-day necessities while they are in California.

Clothing and monetary donations have also been coming into His Inspirations on South Maine Street and the Lahontan Valley News for Workman; however, both businesses have received more than enough clothing; however, another occupant of the apartment complex where Workman lived was also displaced. He needs clothes: pant size is 34×32, shirt size XL and shoe size 11 ½ to 12. He also lost his couch and sofa, bedding and television. Cash donations and gift cards are also needed to help him.