100 Years Ago

Golf is now indicted as “too strenuous game” for people of sedentary occupation. What is the tired businessman to do for exercise? Limit his activity to the nineteenth hole and the club piazza rocking chair squad?…Someone has figured it out that the Grand Canyon of the Colorado is equal to 7.304 Panama Canals…Oroville Wright’s stabilizer will make aeroplanes as safe as automobiles – “absolutely foolproof” he says. But when was the foolproof automobile invented?

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, February 21, 1914

75 Years Ago

The Myrtle Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, Valentine party was held Tuesday. Cleverly constructed pieces for the tables, made by Miss Coverston, carried out the theme, with heart-shaped wire handles covered with red crepe, supporting platforms upon which stood miniature figures, a man and a woman on each, gaily attired with a Cupid suspended over their heads. The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, February 18, 1939

Lyla Whitely plays the leading feminine role of Stella Allam in the three- act play, “Another Language”, to be staged at the Fallon Theatre next Thursday evening, February 16, under the auspices of the Artemisia club.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, February 11, 1939

Valentines…make ‘em yourself: a big box of lace hearts and red paper, only 10 cents. Buy at Sprouse’s for your Valentines!

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, February 1, 1939

50 Years Ago

100 years ago, a frequent complaint in Nevada was against fast riding through the streets, usually by what we now call teenagers. The Reese River Reveille said “The habit of running horses through the streets has become very prevalent and we doubt that many remember an ordinance against it exists.” A young gentleman of this city fell into that state of forgetfulness last evening while escorting a very young and pretty Amazon, and had his memory unpleasantly refreshed by the marshal. In court this morning he was fined $21, and rumor says that the mother of his fair companion impressed the seriousness of it where she sits on the saddle. Let this be a warning to equestrians hereafter.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, February 14, 1964

The spoken word probably has less to with human communication than the thousands of body movements we use to say something in context, says Dr. R.L. Birdwitsell, Temple University anthropologist. The average person spends only 25 minutes a day in articulated speech, the rest of the time communicating in other forms of body English.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, February 11, 1964

A View From The Past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum Assistant and Haylee Rodarte-Whitaker, Museum Intern.