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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

No Place for Idlers: Sheriff Charles M. Way has sworn out a number of John Doe warrants and has determined to enforce Provost-Marshal General Crowder’s edict: “Work or fight.” Therefore, any man found loitering or hanging around the city or county will be arrested as there is no excuse for anyone to be idle these times when there is a demand for labor at good wages and board. In the event of a conviction, Churchill County herself can use these men to splendid advantage on construction work on the telephone line, the wages for which will be jail board only. With this in view, idlers and loafers will have little or no excuse, for if they are not satisfied with the wage conditions of this community they will have to seek other parts and at the earliest possible date.

–Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, June 22, 1918

75 Years Ago

S.P. Wants Women as Section Workers: There are openings at Hazen for women on section or maintenance work, according to W. H. Lundy of Sparks, S. P. roadmaster, who was in Fallon yesterday. Mr. Lundy said that women employed will be given light work that can be done and which will consist chiefly of cleaning up around the Hazen station and yards. The pay for this work is 60 cents an hour and they work a 10-hour day, making the day’s pay $6. Sunday is an eight-hour day and the pay is time and one half, or 90 cents an hour, $7.20 for Sunday. Weekly paychecks would thus amount to $43.20.

–The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, June 26, 1943

50 Years Ago

4,600 Persons Use Lake Lahontan in One Week: With the temperature rise in Churchill County, there came a rise in the number of recreationists use the Lahontan Dam facility. A total of 4,600 persons passed through the gates during the June 10-17 period. The total number of users of the dam this year since the gates opened on April 10 is 21,679.

–Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, June 21, 1968

A View from the Past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives researched and compiled by Cathie Richardson, Churchill County Museum Assistant.