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R.L. Douglass Married. R.L. Douglass, the well-known businessman and farmer of the Island District and Mrs. Mante Thorpe, a sister of Mrs. True Vencill, were married in San Francisco, on the 26th of December. The bride who has been residing with her sister in the Old River District for some time past has made many friends in this community and is considered a very talented young lady. The groom for many years has been a prominent figure in both political and business activities of this county. A new home has just been completed on his large Island Ranch, which is one of the most up to date farm homes in the state, and the happy couple will spend their honeymoon there. The Eagle joins with its many friends in wishing “Bob” and his bride long years of wedded happiness. Churchill County Eagle — Saturday, January 4, 1919

75 Years Ago

Ration Calendar. Gasoline – Stamps No. 9 for three gallons until January 21 beginning Nov. 22. Shoes — Stamp No. 18 in war ration book 1 is good for one pair of shoes for an indefinite period. Stamp No. 1 on Airplane sheet in book 3 good for one pair. Canned Goods — Green stamps D, E, and F in book 4 good through January 20. Sugar — Stamp No. 29 in book 4 will be used for 5 lbs. of sugar beginning Nov. 1 and lasting through January 15. Meat — Book 3, brown stamps R and S good through January 29. T valid on January 9, U valid on January 16. Tire Inspections — C book holders, February 29, 1944. B book holders, February 29, 1944. A book holders, March 31, 1944. Points for Grease. For every pound of grease a housewife turns in she will receive two brown points beginning December 13. The Fallon Standard — Wednesday, January 5, 1944

50 Years Ago

Sierra Field and Stream by the Friendly Old Game Warden. Field Notes. Pyramid – big fish, but not too many limits. Frank Mongolo took a nice 13 ½ pound keeper. Shore fishing was slow Saturday but it picked up Sunday, especially the stretch between the block house and river mouth. Last weekend showed 255 trout taken, 250 cutthroats, and five cutbows. Walker — last weekend 129 fishermen took 109 fish that were mostly around 15 ½ inches and 1 ½ to 2 pounds. The Cliffs area was best. Ducks — a few here and there, if you can find a little open water. Geese — not bad. Quite a few honkers taken here and there in Lahontan Valley.

Fallon Eagle-Standard — Friday, January 3, 1969

Andrea Getto Wins Elks Leader Contest. Andrea Getto, daughter of State Assemblyman and Mrs. Virgil Getto, was judged winner of the Fallon Elks Youth Leadership Contest. Miss Getto will receive a $25 savings bond. Andrea was judged on leadership, citizenship appreciation, perseverance, resourcefulness, and sense of honor. Neatness of her brochure and compliance with application instructions were factors also considered.

Fallon Eagle-Standard — Tuesday, January 7, 1969

A View from the Past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives researched and compiled by Cathie Richardson, Churchill County Museum assistant.