100 Years Ago

Reservoir Filled to Present Capacity. Thursday the gates were opened at the Lahontan Dam to allow the regular flow of the Carson River to pass through the conduits under the dam, the required capacity of the reservoir having been obtained by flood waters. At this height the water has reached the limit of the present riprap and if the reservoir were filled any higher the water would interfere with the work completing the dam.

Churchill County Eagle — May 23, 1914.

A Good Lesson for Nevada. The boy who grows the most corn on one acre of dirt, in each county in the state of Ohio, will get a free scholarship to the College of Agriculture, Columbus, good for three years. Cash value, $60. That is the way the old Buckeye state encourages her boys and at the same time develops a high type of farmer.

Churchill County Eagle — May 30, 1914.

75 Years Ago

O’Neill Brothers and Their Educated Mule. Absolutely the funniest in the business is the verdict of rodeo fans everywhere they have appeared. “Skim Milk” is the mule that does everything but talk. Fourth member of this quartet is a little dog named “Feathers” that has also been to school a lot and knows his way around. All will appear as feature attractions at the American Legion Rodeo here this afternoon.

The Fallon Eagle — May 20, 1939.

Local Events and News. •Mrs. H. W. Emery entertained the Sunshine club yesterday at their last meeting until fall. •Miss Ann Triguerio and Miss L. Dorsey, both registered nurses, are the new nurses at Fallon Emergency Hospital. Mrs. Dana Dodge and son Martin spent last weekend in Sacramento attending the County Stock Show where Dodge horses were exhibited. •Mrs. Andrew Johnson and son Edwin recently returned from Seattle where Mrs. Johnson visited with friends and Edwin completed a course on diesel engines. •Mr. and Mrs. Banis Stark have been at San Francisco this week attending the World’s Fair. •Larry Crehore, Jr., arrived home Monday to spend the summer at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Crehore, after completing his freshman year at Washington’s State College.

The Fallon Eagle — May 27, 1939.

50 Years Ago

Open House Planned by Southwest Gas. An open house will be held by Southwest Gas Corporation to celebrate the start of natural gas service in Fallon. District agent and host for the event, Freeman Morgan, said the company was inviting all citizens of Fallon to its offices at 60 West Center. Following the open house there will be an official gas lamp lighting on the lawn of the city hall at 8 p.m.

Fallon Eagle-Standard — May 15, 1964.

Lonely Cell sans Phone Bell. Prisoners on the Dallas, Texas jail rioted recently and one of the reasons given was that they didn’t like the telephone service. What was wrong? Was the equipment outmoded? Was the switchboard sluggish? Were the prisoners’ monthly bill too high, or were teen-age prisoners thoughtlessly tying up the lines? A checkup revealed it was none of these. It was simply that there were only a few phones available to take care of the telephonic requirements of all the prisoners. In other words, the jail was, as the telephone ads so reproachfully put it, under phoned.

Eagle-Standard — May 22, 1964.

From the Past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper, Churchill County Museum Assistant.