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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

The Farmers talk. A number of Churchill County people are billed to talk to the farmers and stockman who are to gather in a meeting at the University of Nevada on Wednesday. The subject attracting greatest interest is the wool demonstration by W. T. Rich of Australia.

Churchill County Eagle — January 23, 1915.

Farmer Radford on Women Suffrage. The home is the greatest contribution of women to the world, and the hearthstone is the throne. Our social structure is built around her, and social structure is built around her, and social righteousness is in her charge. The motherhood of the farm is our inspiration, she is the guardian of our domestic welfare and a guide to a higher life but directing the affairs of government is not within women’s sphere, and political gossip would cause her to neglect the home, forget to mend our clothes and burn the biscuits.

Churchill County Eagle — January 23, 1915.

75 Years Ago

Governor and Mrs. E. P. Carville. New Chief Executive and First Lady of Nevada will lead the Grand March tonight at the Inaugural Ball in Carson City where well wishers from all over the state will gather to honor the Governor and Mrs. Carville at an elaborate function. Many from Fallon will be among those who pay their respects at the reception and remain to dance.

The Fallon Eagle — January 21, 1939.

Local Events and News About Your Neighbors. After a ten day visit in San Francisco Mrs. Lyle Beeghly and Miss Norma Frazzini returned home last Sunday.●Mrs. C. W. Renfro was hostess to the Monday Contract club where prizes were awarded to Mrs. Peter Pauls and Mrs. J. F. Bowman. Mrs. Pauls will entertain at the next meeting. The Young People’s Bridge club was entertained by Carol Smith at her home Wednesday evening here when three tables were in play. High scores were held by Jean Bailey and Jack Mustard. Patty Crehorewill will be hostess at the next meeting of the group. ●The old post office building on West Center Street is to go on the auction block here next Saturday, according to an announcement by Leo F. Schmitt, receiver for the closed Wingfield banks, who will offer it to the highest bidder.●Mrs. Walter Nygren is entertaining Sunday morning at a birthday breakfast honoring her son, Earl. ●The remodeled and redecorated Lyric Café and Fountain has reopened this week in attractive new dress, which includes new dishes tinted to harmonize with the general color scheme and imprinted with the name of the establishment.

The Fallon Eagle — January 21, 1939.

50 Years Ago

Mosquito Abatement Group Plans Meeting. Mosquitoes, a perennial nemesis in Churchill County, costs the country thousands of dollars each year. It is a well known fact that mosquitoes harass livestock and costs the rancher in the form of drops in beef and milk production. Mosquitoes are proven disease carriers. They are responsible for the spread of sleeping sickness in Churchill County. The disease is communicable to both man and horses. Control of mosquitoes can be obtained in two ways. They are chemical treatment of breeding areas and source reduction. Efforts will have to be made to reduce the amount of mosquito breeding water.

Fallon Eagle-Standard — January 26, 1965

Harmon News. Several Harmonites drove to the Stillwater schoolhouse Saturday for an evening of cards. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Davis were holders of high scores for pinochle. Others going were Messrs. and Mesdames Lewis Downs Edgar Lucky, Leroy Daniels and Tip Melendy.

Fallon Eagle-Standard — January 26, 1965.

From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper, Churchill County Museum assistant