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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

First Chance for the Ladies to Vote. The city election will be held on the 4th of May. That will be the first opportunity that the ladies of Fallon will have of exercising the right of franchise.

Churchill County Eagle — March 6, 1915

Plenty of Snow at Lake Tahoe. Four and a half to six feet of snow on the level now lies on the ground at Lake Tahoe.

Churchill County Eagle — March 6, 1915

Local Happenings. ●An ordinary women’s waist is about thirty inches around. An ordinary man’s arm is about thirty inches long. How admirable are thy work, oh nature! ●A few days ago a rather shy woman went into a Fallon store carrying three chickens. She inquired the price of the chickens, and at the same time put them on the counter. The clerk didn’t know the chickens feet were tied, and asked if they would lay there. She bit her handkerchief and said “No, sir, they are roosters.”

Churchill County Eagle — March 6, 1915

75 Years Ago

Mark Twain Paper to be Re-Issued for World Premiere. Mark Twain’s famed Daily Territorial Enterprise will be reborn for a day on March 16 in conjunction with the world premiere of “Virginia City,” Warner Bros picture in Virginia City.

Churchill County Eagle — March 2, 1940

Seventy-Two in Graduating Class. Seventy-two students will graduate from Fallon high school in June. The class will be the largest ever graduated from the school.

Churchill County Eagle ― March 2, 1940

F.F.A. Boys Give Talks to Lions. Jack Gough, and Virgil Getto, two F.F.A. boys gave their speeches before the members of the Fallon Lion’s club Thursday evening. Both boys are trying out for public speaking honors sponsored by the F.F.A. Gough spoke on “Opportunities for Rural Youth” telling about advantages of agricultural college training, and Getto on “How to Make Dairy Profits” emphasizing the importance of cream checks in the economy of this community.

The Fallon Standard — March 6, 1940

50 Years Ago

Newlands Lab Trying to Learn More about Alfalfa. What they want to know is why does the fourth cutting of an alfalfa crop produce more milk when fed to dairy cows? Researchers know for a fact that in a comparison feeding of second and fourth cutting of alfalfa at the Newlands Field Lab dairy cows produced an addition gallon of milk per day. Other than the value of milk, the answer to this question would provide better knowledge of alfalfa quality which would be an asset in pricing.

Churchill County Eagle — March 2, 1965

Green Wave Upsets Sparks in Conference Game. The Fallon Green Wave used its control offense, and tight defense to perfection, to defeat Sparks High School in the Railroader Gym, 43-41 Saturday night.

Churchill County Eagle — March 2, 1965

License Tests to be Upgraded. A general upgrading of drivers license examining procedures was announced today. Commencing March 1, all persons applying for an original Nevada operators’, or chauffeurs’ license will be required to pass a complete examination- including an eye test, road rules, signs examination, and practical driving test.

Churchill County Eagle — March 5, 1965

A View from the Past… Stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives researched and compiled by Haylee Hill, Churchill County Museum Intern.