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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Lady voters need not give their exact age. The old registration law required men to give their age and their general history, in fact, when applying for registration. Thursday the “Eagle” received from Joe Farnsworth, superintendent of state printing, the advance sheets of the new laws, and City Attorney C.C. Winters points out wherein the new law eliminates the necessity of giving one’s age. Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, April 10, 1915

J.C. Stevens, an eminent engineer of Portland, Oregon, arrived yesterday to take up the investigation of the irrigation possibilities of the Walker river section. He will go over all the survey data, which is on file at the reclamation headquarters in Fallon and report to Secretary Lane as to the possibilities for establishing a reclamation project in that vicinity.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, April 10, 1915

75 Years Ago

The city of Fallon is now equipped for fingerprinting and this work is being carried on by George Wood, night officer who is studying the science. With this addition to the city criminal investigation facilities, the community is well taken care of in this regard, since the sheriff’s office has had the equipment for a number of years, under the direction of Sheriff R.J. Vannoy, who is regarded as a competent fingerprint authority. The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, April 13, 1940

Fallon will be invaded today by young musicians from ten schools in western Nevada who will gather for the voice and piano sections of the second annual district music festival. The instrumental section of the festival will feature bands, orchestras, ensembles and soloists. The festival this year is sponsored by the Churchill county high school principal, George F. McCracken with faculty members Arnold J. Daleiden and J.S. Telecky. The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, April 13, 1940

50 Years Ago

Some sixty-nine businesses in Fallon helped toward promoting the erection and acquirement of property for the new sign on Interstate 80 depicting Fallon and Ely as the shortest route to Salt Lake. It is hoped of course that tourists who may be induced to travel through Fallon may leave behind some of their “foldin’ green.”

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, April 6,1965

During the coming months, residents of Nevada may get a glimpse into future aviation as the Air Force B-70, a new jet bomber, undergoes a series of tests over part of the Nevada Desert. A second aircraft, the Air Force B-58, holder of many aviation records, will be flying wing on the newer B-70. Both aircraft will be breaking the sound barrier.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, April 6, 1965

The Hazen Township was abolished in the regular meeting of the Churchill County Commissioners. Hazen will now come under the New River Township of Churchill County… An ordinance posting a speed limit of 45 miles per hour on Allen Road was read.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, April 9, 1965

A View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum Assistant.