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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Jake Allen on a Visit. Jake Allen, one of Churchill County pioneers and brother of Hon. Lem Allen, spent a few days in town this week, in company with his wife. They now reside at Colorado Springs and are in their way to the exposition. Jake Allen formally owned the John Oats ranch, hence, was at one time the possessor of what is now the City of Fallon.

Churchill County Eagle — November 6, 1915.

Women's Suffrage Fails to Carry in the East. While complete returns are not yet in, it is certain that woman suffrage has been defeated in New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania by heavy majorities.

Churchill County Eagle — November 6, 1915.

75 Years Ago

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Draft Board Mails Out First Questionnaires. Questioners to 25 Churchill County men who registered for the draft, those holding order numbers from 1 to 25 inclusive, were mailed out yesterday. These men have five days in which to fill out questionnaires and return them to the local draft board.

The Fallon Standard — November 6, 1940.

Halloween Party is Grand Success. A Halloween party for Fallon youngsters is assured for next year, the first one proving a success. The theatre was crowded for the two free shows. The Lions committee, which was in charge of the affair, wishes to thank all who aided in making it a success and to thank the youngsters for coming out in force and manifesting such a good attitude.

The Fallon Standard — November 6, 1940.

50 Years Ago

Sights and Sounds of Fallon. ●Mrs. Cyril Schank, Mrs. John Sorensen, and Mrs. James Wood planned pot luck supper last week for about fifty guests who met at the Bob Tuckers new home on Manchester Circle for a housewarming party. Last week several members of the Navy League invited enlisted men into their homes for dinner and conversation, marking the celebration of Navy Week. On Friday night those who had entertained service men were in turn invited to the Base to be entertained by the enlisted men.

Fallon Eagle–Standard — November 5, 1965.

Leg Man Visits Fallon. Residents west of Fallon (not to mention the unsuspecting visitors) coming into town can't help but notice that the legs are missing from the statuesque 12 foot "Miss Oasis" cowgirl on the Welcome to Fallon sign at Gummow Drive. Probable a malicious prank, says the Sheriff's office, and Sandy Bell at the Chamber of Commerce office, which put up the sign in the first place. Maybe the leg-man has queen sized tastes?

Fallon Eagle-Standard — November 9, 1965.

News for Motorists. Q. How can I beat the radar? A. Sorry, but we better not answer that. We can tell you, however, that it does you no good to slam on your brakes when you do spot a police radar car. By that time it's too late, for the radar unit records your maximum speed the instant it makes contact with your car.

Fallon Eagle-Standard — November 9, 1965.

From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper, Churchill County Museum Assistant.