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View from the Past

100 Years Ago

All Aboard for Lincoln Highway. Everybody, big, little, old and young wants to see the Lincoln Highway moving pictures for 25¢. Three wonderful moving pictures will be put on at the Rex Theatre in Fallon, next door to the post office, at 2 p.m. Monday afternoon, and run continuously until 11 p.m. Manager Flood figures that it will take three hours to run through the 16,000 feet of film. This means that the audience will accompany the moving picture auto people from New York to San Francisco. It does not make so much difference whether you start at the beginning of the trip or join the party along the way, for you can see all of it just the same.

Churchill County Eagle — January 1, 1916.

75 Years Ago

Harmon School is now 25 Years Old. Twenty-five years ago on New Year’s Day the concrete block schoolhouse in Harmon district was dedicated with fitting ceremonies, is the story we read in the Churchill County Standard dated January 5, 1916.

The Fallon Standard —January 1, 1941.

Theft of Clothing and Money Halts Trip. Theft of their clothing and Travelers’ checks in Phoenix, Arizona, on the first lap of their holiday trip to Mexico, changed the vacation plans of Arnold Daleiden and Arnold Van Heuvelen, local high school teachers. The thief broke a window in the car and took the bags while the Nevadans were in San Carlos, eating in a local café.

The Fallon Standard —January 1, 1941.

Actress Needs Her Stolen Costumes. In the classified column of this paper there appears an advertisement offering a reward of $15 for the finder of a small trunk which contains theatrical costumes of no use to anyone but the owner, but of tremendous importance to her, since she is unable to continue the work which means her livelihood.

The Fallon Eagle —January 4, 1941.

50 Years Ago

Rockingham to Close Fallon Garment Plant. A decision to close the Fallon operation of Rockingham Sleepwear Company was announced today by Larry Davis, local manager at Rockingham. The high rate of labor turnover has created a constant training program which is very costly. Also the high cost in time consumed in receiving materials from the East has greatly affected production. The plant employed approximately 100 people at the time of closing.

Fallon-Eagle Standard —January 4, 1966.

68 County Men in 1-y Classification; May be Re-examined. Sixty eight Churchill County men are presently classified in the 1-y draft. This category embraces those unfit for military duty because of physical, mental or moral deficiencies.

Fallon-Eagle Standard —January 4, 1966.

A View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper, Churchill County Museum assistant.