Jeanette Strong’s LVN column of 5-21-14 is in response to my recent letter to the editor.

I lamented then that contributors to our paper often use Ad hominem attacks, and that issues are not being addressed honestly. I’d also like to see citing of fact — where did this author get the ACA figure of 15 million?

Strong’s article reinforces my point. Instead of her stating facts to disprove failures of this current administration, Strong points to the shortcomings of the previous ones. My parents always told me, “Two wrongs don’t make a right, take responsibility for your actions, and admit when you’re wrong.”

Fifty year ago, I changed the temporary room signs on the doors at my new high school on its opening day, causing much confusion. After word went out about my doing this, everyone at school began saying, “Hill did it.” Then, whenever anything happened, thinking I’d get blamed. Instead, even if I’d done something and admitted it, the teachers wouldn’t believe me!

Recently, I visited my Pennsylvania high school. Written on its entrance wall, after 50 years, was “Hill did it.” I asked a female student if she knew anything about its’ meaning? Her comment was, “ No; but whenever anything happens here that’s what we always say.” Sounds a lot like the current “Bush did it,” doesn’t it? How convenient!

Now we have the VA scandal. Obama ran on fixing VA problems as a senator. He was informed when he took office in 2008 about the VA problems. Like so many other problems and after five years, Obama says he found out about this in the paper.

Trust is the cornerstone that brings communication and accountability to our relationships and our government. Promising everything, delivering nothing, then blaming others aren’t credible ways to run a country.

Doug Hill

Churchill County


Can someone address the current situation at our beloved Churchill County Museum? As a member of the museum, I have noticed that there has been no newsletter issued in many months, which used to be sent out quarterly. The newsletter included the dates of memberships and thus informed members of the time for renewal. Also, by this time of the year, the wonderful “In Focus” history installments of Churchill County usually have been printed and distributed to members. No sign of that yet either.

Frankly, at this point, I do not know if I am a member in good standing due to the absence of the newsletter info. The absence of that reminder should certainly be affecting the cash flow status at the museum, as members are not being reminded that their yearly dues are expected.

I attended last week the first of the summer lecture series, a beautiful Chautauqua presented by Dr. Doris Dwyer, but only knew about the lecture a day ahead of time, as there was no advance publicity.

I realize that after the death of the previous museum director, Jane Pieplow, it would be normal to experience some transition and changes. There seems to be just an absence of attention paid to the ongoing business of the museum — most unfortunate, and very, very disgraceful after Ms. Pieplow had put her heart and soul into our beautiful and famous museum. it should be considered a legacy from her years as director. I hope someone will be paying attention to the needs of the Churchill County Museum and soon.

Dana Bray