Dear Editor,

At no time was a request made to me as president of the teachers association to speak in favor of Question 3.

A few facts:

1. The legislature was given an opportunity to fix school funding at the last legislative session, and they chose not to do anything.

2. A reason often stated for businesses avoiding Nevada is the educational system. If Nevada wants good paying jobs they need to fund education.

3. Teachers in Churchill County have not had a raise for over seven years while the cost of living has increased over those seven years.

4. Teachers in Churchill County are purchasing materials to meet the new state standards.

5. Class size are over the state limit in Churchill County.

We need to support the students of Nevada who in return will support Nevada.

Becky Dodd

President of Churchill County Education Association



As the Carson City treasurer for the past 20 years with service in the state treasurer’s office before that, I know the qualifications and experience needed to be Nevada’s controller.

I support Ron Knecht for controller because his background and plans for the office are ideal.

At Stanford’s graduate school, his studies included public finance and taxation policy. He has over 40 years of experience in professional and management work as an economist and financial, policy and technical analyst — half in public service and half in private business. He has a law degree and professional engineering registration in California.

He’s served in elected and appointed office off and on over 40 years, including Nevada’s Legislature, always being a prudent limited-government conservative — just what we need for controller. As a regent for eight years, Ron Knecht has led the Audit and Budget & Finance committees and been active on the Investment Committee, among others — also ideal for a controller.

Ron Knecht will modernize Nevada’s ancient state finance, accounting and information technology system to cut the state’s costs of operations. He’ll put the state checkbook on line so you can see how your tax money is being spent. And he’ll report regularly to us.

Al Kramer

Carson City



There are those who enthusiastically endorse incumbent Congressman Mark Amodei, who voted against amending the National Defense Authorization Act to prevent military arrests of U.S. citizens.

They endorse Mr. Amodei even though he voted to prohibit the use of funds authorized for researching the possibilities of fossil fuel-caused climate change. In addition, Mr. Amodei approved HAMDT 671 that prevents the Department of Defense from using funds to address the national security impacts of climate change. Mr. Amodei also voted yes on HR4923, which slashes research funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency. He also voted to cut the National Institute of Heath funding, thus ending federal research for a vaccine for Ebola.

Mr. Amodei is charged with “promoting the general welfare” of the people but has put the political party’s agenda ahead of his oath and has voted 96 percent of the time with the Republican party. That included voting to shut down the government, costing taxpayers $24 billion. Is this a wise use of time and money?

We subsidize Mr. Amodei at $174,000 a year, and he voted to approve the 2014 House calendar to work only 113 days. And he called himself a workhorse at last month’s Carson City debate.

Expecting anything different by putting this incumbent back in office seems to be a special sort of lunacy. Let’s consider change; let’s vote for Ms. Kristen Spees for House of Representatives.

Rick Rideneau

Carson City