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Voice of the Community



Fallon is truly blessed to have you, Steve, as editor of our great little newspaper!

Congratulations on your selection as president of the Nevada Press Association board of directors, as well as other honors you have earned. You certainly have my best wishes and my prayer that you will have the health and strength you need to continue your contribution to the truly essential work of freedom of the press.

Also I want to add my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Mike Ansotegui, Lowell Black, Eric Blakely, Blake Brandenburg, Rafe Brown, Gary Busboom, Mike Compagnoni Dan Diaz, Brad Dolan, Jared Dooley, Mike Elmore, Dustin Galdarisi, Alex Haffner, Randy Haffner, Ralph Hamman, Jay Hanks, Chris Henning, Sean Hessey, Steve Hiskett, David Hoffman, Destry Johnon, Gary Johnson, Russ Jonte, Justin Judd, Charlie Knittle, Matt Lamb, Bill Lawry, AJ Lister, Mike Lister, Gib Mackedon, Nick Manskie, Richard McKnight, Bert Miller, Michael Miller, Tony Myers, Mike Rice, Chris Rogne, Nate Rogne, Pete Rubio, Jim Sailing, Randy Sharp, Scott Stevens, Milton Wallace, Ron Ward and Mitch Young – our outstanding volunteer firefighters!

You guys are truly valuable and worthy of mountains of gratitude. Too bad we don’t have mountains of financial blessing for you and your families!

Gratefully, and with admiration,

Mary Glaesman




Voters and taxpayers of Churchill County,

Are you aware that local elected school officials have had three great opportunities to educate themselves for the sake of the school children and only one attended all three and one attended one event?

None of the others, nor the superintendent, attended any. Teachers were conspicuous in their absence, as well. I’m speaking of the symposium and town hall meetings that have been held regarding the problems with Common Core and the dangers of the data mining that is going in the schools. With the exception of the superintendent who is hired and works for the school board, the trustees are elected. They are put in their positions to look out for the good of the children.

Well, they have failed! Whether they agree with the concerns of Common Core and data mining or not, they should at least attend local events and listen to alternative ideas. More parents/grandparents should also attend. Seems with another election coming up next year, voters need to seriously look at those who will be running to fill school board seats. We need more who are truly interested in what is best for the young people in our community.

Linda Hartweg

Churchill County



I was very disappointed to read a comment about the students’ rollover and another comments that seemed to reinforce it.

To the woman who wanted LVN to get your FACTS together, when were you elected sheriff? I did not vote for you. I didn’t know you ran last year. To attack the newspaper with information they received from the sheriff’s office is disappointing. You said no rollover, but CCSO said the first call that came in from a deputy was about a car that rolled in a ditch.

And you wanted the newspaper to wait several more days to print the story? Do you know how many erroneous Facebook posts were circulating around the area about drugs, alcohol, etc., which the sheriff said were not a factor? Even several students mixed up two players on FB who had the same first name.

It’s nice we have a free press despite misinformed individuals who wanted the paper to wait for three or four days? We do not live in the third world.

J. Spitzer

Churchill County