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The BLM-Bundy Ranch skirmish appears to be over for now, but as sure as past is prolong.

Just as the recent 20-year Bundy case followed the 30-year Hage case and on down the line, the war on our freedoms will continue. As long as we elect legislators and law enforcers who are more interested in pleasing their big-money supporters than in supporting the unalienable rights of the rest of us, these battles will go on.

Two theories advanced for the recent BLM action include freeing up the land for oil and gas exploration and making it available for production of alternative energy. Both of these sound logical when one considers past actions of Sen. Harry Reid, who is known to shower his favors on those will pay his price.

Anyone who has attended at least two Sunday School classes should know that what the BLM was doing was wrong, particularly the Nevada native who now heads that thuggish organization. But it took the scores of neighbors and the out-of-state militia who went to the barricades for the Bundys to get results. Vigilance is the key and the coin we must continue to pay to ensure our liberty.

Jim Falk