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We must all prevent child abuse

The horrific child abuse stories are one too many.

Every year, concerned residents of Churchill County gather to bring more attention to child abuse, not only in Churchill County but also in Nevada and the United States.

If our residents drive or walk by Millennium Park, they will see the downtown corner park decorated with many pinwheels glistening in the sun, each representing a family helped by a county organization within the last year.

The pinwheel is part of Prevent Child Abuse, America’s campaign to introduce it as a symbol for child abuse and neglect prevention nationwide. According to its website, the pinwheels represent a change needed in how the nation thinks about prevention to stop abuse from ever occurring.

Like many other mayors and city officials nationwide, Mayor Ken Tedford annually presents a proclamation recognizing April as National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month. Earlier this month, concerned resident gathered to dye the downtown fountain.

FRIENDS Family Resource Center and Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe will walk from Millennium Park to Fox Peak on Saturday to bring more awareness to child abuse.

Organizers continually want to make a difference:

“The pinwheels planted in Fallon during April symbolize the happy healthy childhoods all children deserve. They also remind us of our ongoing responsibility to ensure every child has an equal opportunity for healthy growth and development.”

Tedford said the city of Fallon is dedicated and the community is dedicated to help their efforts.

In Churchill County, organizations work with one another to prevent child abuse.

Churches provide help through food, clothing and donations. Both the Fallon Police Department and Churchill County Sheriff’s Office rely heavily on the community to report incidents in order to prevent abuse.

“The most important thing anyone can do is speak up,” said Sheriff Ben Trotter. “It can make a life changing difference for one child if we speak up.”

At a rally several years ago, District Attorney Art Mallory said successes in child abuse prevention will never be seen in court or anywhere else because children are not being abused.

“We can be very proud of our parents and families in Fallon,” Mallory said at the time. “I think Fallon adheres more closely to the values that we all believe in that our children need when they’re growing up than almost any place we can imagine.”

All of us, then, have a role in preventing child abuse.

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