Wednesday is Denim Day in the Silver State |

Wednesday is Denim Day in the Silver State

First Lady Kathleen Sandoval is encouraging all Nevadans to join the campaign against sexual assault by wearing denim on Wednesday.

Denim Day is a national event that allows men and women to stand in solidarity against sexual assault and sexual violence, and express support for victims of those crimes.

“Denim Day provides a platform to spotlight the dark reality of sexual violence and assault within our communities. It’s an opportunity for all Nevadans to unite in support of victims of rape and sexual assault, and to help raise awareness on a critical social issue that affects far too many of our fellow citizens,” said Sandoval. “I strongly encourage all Nevadans to stand up to sexual assault and take the small step of wearing denim in order to make a difference in educating our friends and loved ones and spreading the truth about sexual assault.”

Denim Day is part of a national movement to raise awareness of sexual assault. The “fashion statement as social statement” stems from a 1999 incident in Italy in which a court assigned blame to a young woman who was sexually assaulted because she was wearing tight jeans when she was raped. Italian elected officials responded by wearing jeans in protest and denim has since become a symbol of the need to prevent sexual assault. The Governor’s Office will be participating in this important public awareness initiative.