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WNC inducts 84 students into Phi Theta Kappa

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WNC students earned induction into the Phi Theta Kappa national honor society last week during two separate ceremoinies, one in Carson City and the other in Fallon.

More than 80 Western Nevada College students earned induction into the Phi Theta Kappa national honor society during two recent ceremonies.

During the ceremonies for 84 inductees, students read an oath of membership pledge and performed a candle lighting to receive a spark from a flame, thus promoting their own individuality according to the Greek myth.

Among the inductees for Fallon’s Chapter, Beta Theta Iota, were seven Jump Start students who are working toward an associate degree during their junior and senior years of high school.

“We’re all really pleased with their performances,” said Jeff Downs, who co-advises the Fallon Chapter along with Holly O’Toole.

PTK was created in 1918 and has served as a means to honor and encourage academic achievement of community college students. The organization also provides opportunities for individual student growth and development through honors, leadership and service programming.

WNC students must complete a minimum of 12 hours of associate degree coursework with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher throughout their enrollment at the college.

WNC’s 2015 PTK inductees for Alpha Upsilon Beta and Beta Theta Iota are as follows:

Fallon Chapter

Yesenia Aguilera, Wyndy Bates, Kaitlyn Beauregard, Braden Benecke, Gaven Betts, Melessa Camilon, Youki Clare, Taylor Davids, Rebecca Hall, Jason Hanski, Kayla Harrison, Britt Hoashi, Maysie Jones, Davis Koenig, Mckenzie Lunger, Megan Martin, Gloria Montes-Lopez, Brennan Paterson, Reyna Rodriguez Pizaro and Jeane Workman.

Carson City Chapter

Callie Andress, Silvia Arreguin, Michael Atkinson, Tahnya Ballard, Jenny Barton, Barbara Bessol, Cheyenne Bryant, Riley Cabrera, Claudia Cervantes, Stephanie Cisneros, Hilary Collins, Andrew Corona, Cira Craighead, Joshua Crevling, Nicholas Crosby, Larissa Crumm, Mackenzie Deboer, Emily Delbecq, Brettanie Drapeau, Aaron Endel, Nicole Gorra, Lesley Green, Annie Guddat, Nate Hammock, Mollie Holt, Samantha Hoover, Cory Hyatt, Connie Jameson, Annette Kangas, Nicole Kull, Justin LeBlanc, Jeanne Lordier, Whitney Lynd, Kristin McBride, Maureen McDermott, Jennifer McKenzie, Stella Mitchell, Grecia Morris, Yesenia Negrete, Chelsea Osborn, Joseph Ouellette, Marissa Parsons, Joeli Paschall, Carmella Porcella, Stephanie Pruitt, Autumn Reed, Nicole Rinasz, Rachael Robinson, Michael Romero, Andrea Ruiz, Isabella Scardi, Madaline Schreckengost, Carl Sczepanski, Andrea Senda, Katlynn Shepard, Gail Thompson, Suzanne Thompson, Meaghan Traxler, Melissa Trubitsky, Jennifer Webb, Carole Whiles, Lavon Whipple, Kelly Wilson and Matthew Young.