You can’t believe Ted Cruz |

You can’t believe Ted Cruz

Whoever tells you 144 FBI agents are working on the state department e-mail investigation has been listening to Fox noise or “lyin’ Ted” Cruz, as Donald Trump calls him. According to the FBI director, the highest number of agents ever on this case is 12. Hillary Clinton has never even been questioned.

“Lyin’ Ted” might be a worse president than Donald Trump. Other than being a Texan born in Canada, here’s why.

Should doctors who perform abortions get the death penalty? Ted Cruz thinks so. He wants to pass a law making abortion murder. Do you believe all abortions, even in the case of rape or incest, should be outlawed? Ted Cruz does. In the new world for women, created by Cruz, the person who performs an abortion, even in the case where a young girl is raped by her father, would be executed.. The rapist father might get 10 years or so.

In August 2015,Cruz wanted to cut funding for Planned Parenthood out of the budget. It should be noted that Planned Parenthood can not use federal funds for abortions. Cruz tends to lie about that. He wanted to force President Obama to approve the cuts or veto the budget, thereby shutting down the government.

Said Cruz, “It will be a decision of the president and the president alone whether he would veto funding for the federal government to ensure taxpayer dollars continue to flow to what appears to be a national criminal organization.”

Calling Planned Parenthood a criminal organization is slanderous.

Cruz also opposes most types of contraception — especially the morning after pill. He isn’t opposed to condoms. Oh Swell. He opposes federal funding, including federally mandated funding by insurance companies, for any type of contraceptive. Cruz regularly muddies the waters separating church and state.

When Trump said women should be punished for having an abortion, the largely Republican crowd gasped. Cruz feigned outrage. But all Republican candidates, including Cruz, will, if they haven’t already,punish women who want to have legal and safe abortions.

They are shutting down free clinics, especially the aforementioned Planned Parenthood, forcing women to travel many miles to get healthcare or a safe abortion. Trump said when he outlaws abortions women will have to go back to “back alley” abortions. Actually, that is the position of all the Republican candidates, the RNC platform, and pro-lifers..

Do you think women should be paid the same as men for performing the same work? Cruz doesn’t. Do you think the federal minimum wage should be raised? Cruz doesn’t support any minimum wage. Do you think people should be able to have medical care even when they can’t afford it? Cruz has opposed all healthcare plans and hasn’t offered any alternative to Obamacare which he says he will end day one of his presidency, instantly depriving about 18 million Americans of healthcare.

Cruz’s tax policy is more of the same old Republican policy — tax cuts for the wealthy. His domestic policy is a disaster, as is his foreign policy. A former quasi isolationist, he’s now hawkish to a fault. He’ll do whatever Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu tells him to do — like bomb Iran.

Cruz wants all Muslims in this country spied upon by the FBI. Muslim neighborhoods would be heavily patrolled and all Muslims watched closely. Our enemy is a bunch of murdering terrorists who falsely claim to be representative of the Islamic religion. We aren’t at war with Muslims or any religion. We need Muslims and peaceful followers of Islam to help us gather information on ISIS and the remnants of al Qaeda. John Kasich sums this up beautifully..

It was Cruz’s henchmen who phoned caucus goers in Iowa and falsely told them Ben Carson had dropped out of the race and to vote for Cruz. This prompted the nickname of “Lyin Ted” by Trump. Cruz is now trying to keep Kasich from being nominated this year.

He wants to use the old rules of 2012 which were designed to keep Ron Paul from being nominated. Those rules require any candidate to win at least 8 states during the primaries to be nominated. Cruz knows the rules for the 2016 convention will be different, but is misleading the public into believing the RNC is deviously changing the rules. That’s nonsense. Every convention approves new rules specific for that year.

Cruz is nearly unanimously disliked in the Senate. Senator Lindsay Graham said.,“ If you killed Ted Cruz on the Senate floor and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you.” Oh my …

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