Land management grazing money arrives |

Land management grazing money arrives

Nevada’s share of federal grazing and land sales money for fiscal 1999 is $821,500.

Bureau of Land Management officials say $289,400 of that is Nevada’s 12.5 percent of the fees collected for grazing on public lands within grazing districts and half of the money collected outside grazing districts.

The majority of the money, $532,000, is the state’s portion of money paid for federal lands, woodland products and sand and gravel. That is 5 percent of the total net proceeds from land and materials sales.

A bureau spokesman said the money is in addition to payments to the state for mineral receipts and the payments in lieu of taxes program that compensates counties for lost property tax revenues because of federal holdings.

In addition to those funds, $553,725 was paid to the state under the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act which is selling off parcels of land adjacent to urban areas to permit development within the Las Vegas Valley.