Last of rescued family leaves hospital |

Last of rescued family leaves hospital

The Associated Press

LOVELOCK (AP) — The last of the six family members who were rescued after two days in sub-zero temperatures in Nevada’s wilderness have left the hospital with friends and relatives who still can’t believe they survived the ordeal.

Dr. Douglas Vacek says the fact none suffered so much as frost bite is “amazing.”

James Glanton, his girlfriend Christina McIntee and four young children survived by keeping a fire burning next to their overturned jeep in the mountains near Lovelock about 100 miles northeast of Reno.

McIntee and her daughter were discharged Wednesday. Hospital CEO Patty Bianchi confirms the other four went home Thursday.

McIntee’s father Jack Oulette says his grandchildren smelled like smoke when he finally got to hug them. He told KTVN-TV in Reno it was the “best smell I’ve ever smelled.”