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Legislative Calendar

All meetings open to the public.


8 a.m.

• Assembly Judiciary hears two bills: AB92 revises provisions governing genetic marker testing of certain convicted persons; AB99 makes various changes concerning genetic marker testing of certain persons. Room 3138.

• Joint Assembly Ways and Means/Senate Finance subcommittee reviews public schools and education budgets. Room 3137.

• Senate Commerce and Labor hears three bills: SB99 revises provisions concerning consolidated insurance programs; SB113 requires certain policies of health insurance and health-care plans to provide coverage for annual screenings for prostate cancer in certain circumstances; SB119 makes various changes to provisions relating to benefits for certain workers with injuries. Room 2135.

• Joint Senate Finance/Assembly Ways and Means subcommittee reviews Department of Information Technology budgets. Room 2134.

9 a.m.

• Senate Judiciary holds work session on nine bills: SB14 provides that a minor who possesses tobacco products or falsely represents his age to obtain tobacco products is subject to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court as a child in need of supervision; SB30 revises the provisions governing the early release of prisoners from county or city jails to relieve overcrowding; SB33 requires the manager of a gated community to provide to parole and probation officers the code or device which allows entry to the community; SB35 revises certain provisions relating to the admissibility of certain affidavits and declarations in certain proceedings; SB36 authorizes the board of county commissioners to include longevity pay in the compensation of justices of the peace; SB 37 makes various changes to provisions governing the testimony and evidence of a witness who is granted immunity in a criminal proceeding; SB66 increases the amount of damages that may be awarded in certain tort actions brought against a governmental entity or its officers or employees; SB70 enacts the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act; SB72 adopts the Uniform Limited Partnership Act (2001) and provides for its applicability on a voluntary basis.

1:30 p.m.

• Assembly Taxation hears AB110, which repeals the prospective expiration of the exemption from the property tax levied on the real and personal property of certain apprenticeship programs. Room 4100.

• Assembly Transportation hears three bills: AB64 makes various changes concerning the enforcement of a court order to complete certain training when a defendant failed to properly secure a child in a child restraint system in a vehicle;. AB118 requires the Department of Transportation and local governments to designate specific lanes on certain highways on which certain larger vehicles must travel; SB39 revises provisions relating to the limitations on the length of certain vehicles. Room 3143.

• Senate Transportation and Homeland Security hears three bills: SB42 makes failure to wear a safety belt in a motor vehicle a primary offense; SB61 provides for a pilot program for local governments to use certain automated systems for the enforcement of traffic laws; SB91 requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to collect and publish certain information concerning schools and courses that provide training or instruction to drivers. Room 2149.

• Senate Legislative Operations and Elections hears three bills: SB80 designates certain elective offices as nonpartisan offices; SB79 requires the use of the permanent paper record produced by a mechanical voting system for the recount of ballots cast at an election; SJR1 proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to remove requirements concerning affidavits that must be affixed to referendum petitions and initiative petitions. Room 2144.

3:45 p.m.

• Assembly Select Committee on Corrections, Parole and Probation hears presentations from public defenders and the ACLU. Room 3161.

• Assembly Elections, Procedures, Ethics and Constitutional Amendments hears two bills: AB109 revises provisions governing the disposition of unspent campaign contributions; AB143 revises provisions relating to the Commission on Ethics.

– Source: Nevada Legislature online (www. leg.state.nv.us). All rooms are in the Legislative

Building, 401 S. Carson St., unless otherwise specified.