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Legislative calendar

8 a.m.

• Assembly Government Affairs hears three bills: AB134 expands the duties of the Executive Director for Veterans’ Services; AB135 authorizes the Stagecoach General Improvement District to furnish sanitary facilities for sewerage; AB139 revises provisions relating to local governmental administration. Room 3143.

• Assembly Judiciary hears three bills: AB90 creates the crime of paternity fraud;. AB100 eliminates the requirement that a certified court reporter be appointed as a notary public to administer oaths and affirmations; AB107 revises the provisions governing the possession of weapons at certain locations. Room 3138.

• Assembly Ways and Means/Senate Finance joint subcommittee reviews Department of Transportation and Public Safety budgets. Room 3137.

• Senate Commerce and Labor hears three bills: SB95 revises provisions governing public utilities; SB111 clarifies applicability of certain provisions to certain suppliers of utility services; SB114 provides that a system that draws or creates electricity from tires is a renewable energy system for purposes of the portfolio standard, as established by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada. Room 2135.

9 a.m.

• Senate Judiciary hears three bills: SB16 revises the provisions pertaining to the deposit of money with a court in an action in eminent domain; SB85 prohibits use of eminent domain to acquire property for economic development; SB130 repeals the prospective expiration of the provision relating to the use and sale of certain property acquired by a governmental entity through eminent domain. Room 2149.

11 a.m.

• Senate and Assembly floor sessions.

1:30 p.m.

• Assembly Commerce and Labor hears AB133, which revises certain provisions relating to the status of policies covering patients for health or dental care and holds a work session on three bills: AB2 revises provisions relating to automotive repairs; AB24 revises provisions governing the release of a consumer report by a credit-reporting agency; AB47 revises circumstances under which an attorney is excluded from regulation as a collection agency. Room 4100.

• Assembly Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining hears AB105, which provides certain benefits to members of the Nevada National Guard and their families relating to licenses, tags or permits for fishing, hunting or trapping. Room 3161.

• Assembly health and Human Services hears presentations on the Kids Count project, on community triage centers and emergency medical services. Room 3138.

• Senate Government Affairs hears SB139, which revises provisions relating to certain cooperative or interlocal agreements. Room 2149.

• Senate Human Resources and Education hears presentation “Concerning Certain Health Care Professional Training Programs Within Community College Institutions of the Nevada System of Higher Education.” Room 2135.

3:30 p.m.

• Senate Natural Resources hears two bills: SB47 revises certain provisions concerning the taxation of livestock and sheep; SB48 redesignates district brand inspectors as agricultural enforcement officers. Room 2144.

3:45 p.m.

• Assembly Education hears two bills: AB131 revises provisions governing career and technical education; AB151 revises provisions relating to career and technical education. Room 3142.