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Legislative calendar for May 12

8 a.m. Assembly Taxation

Room: 1214

Bills to be heard: SB13 Revises provisions relating to the collection and payment of certain fuel taxes, SB495 a competing measure to Initiative Petition No. 1.

8 a.m. Senate Finance/Assembly Ways and Means Joint Meeting

Room: 4100

Budget closings: Commission on Tourism, Department of Cultural Affairs, Division of Child and Family Services, Division of Welfare and Supportive Services.

8 a.m. Senate Judiciary

Room: 2149

Bills to be heard: AB72 Revises provisions relating to securities, AB78 various changes relating to business, AB291 certain agreements between heir finders and apparent heirs relating to the recovery of property in an estate void and unenforceable under certain circumstances.

9 a.m. Assembly Judiciary

Room: 3138

Bills to be heard: SB403 Revises provisions relating to the information which must be provided by a unit’s owner in a resale transaction, SB405 provisions governing business entities.

11 a.m. Senate Finance

Room: 2134

Bills to be heard: SB43 Makes various changes relating to electronic health records, SB113 provisions relating to the care of certain children during disasters, SB423 provisions concerning assistance to certain older persons and persons with physical disabilities, SB476 various changes concerning the juvenile justice system.

1 p.m. Senate Revenue

Room: 2134

Bills to be heard: AB46 Clarifies the inapplicability of certain partial tax abatements to various assessments relating to the adjudication of water rights and management of water resources, AB200 a brew pub to obtain a special permit to transport donated malt beverages under certain circumstances, AJR1 to amend certain provisions of the Nevada Constitution related to the assessment and collection of property taxes to authorize the Legislature to provide by law for the calculation of the taxable value of improvements to real property upon the transfer, sale or conveyance of the property. SB491 various changes regarding public revenue and taxation.

1:30 p.m. Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections

Room: 3142

Bills to be heard: SB170 Revises provisions governing petitions for initiative or referendum, SB304 for redistricting of election districts in Carson City and the Cities of Henderson, Reno and Sparks, contingent upon voter approval, SB390 provisions relating to the statewide voter registration list, SB391 provisions relating to ethics in government.

1:30 p.m. Assembly Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining

Room: 3161

Bills to be heard: SB299 Revises provisions relating to the care of animals.

3:15 p.m. Assembly Transportation

Room: 3143

Bills to be heard: SB140 Prohibits the use of a cellular telephone or other handheld wireless communications device while operating a motor vehicle in certain circumstances, SB144 certain garages to check and adjust the tire pressure of motor vehicles.

3:30 p.m. Senate Health and Human Services

Room: 2149

Bills to be heard: AB29 Revises provisions governing county hospitals and requires certain hospitals to report information concerning the transfers of patients between hospitals to the Legislative Committee on Health Care, AB50 provisions relating to the licensure of medical and related health facilities, AB110 the Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program, AB154 provisions which guarantee certain rights to children placed in foster homes in this State, AB170 provisions relating to warnings about the health hazards of smoking during pregnancy, AB280 the adoption of patient safety checklists and patient safety policies at certain medical facilities., AB362 provisions governing education, AB533 certain financial protections for residents of group homes and similar facility, AB535 provisions governing the referral of persons to residential facilities for groups.

3:30 p.m. Senate Legislative Operations and Elections

Room: 2144

Bills to be heard: AB132 Revises provisions governing the dates for certain elections. (BDR 24-684) Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections, AB301 provisions governing the restoration of civil rights for ex-felons, AB337 provisions governing campaign practices, AB433 prohibition on employers taking certain actions to prohibit, punish or prevent employees from engaging in politics or becoming candidates for public office with certain exceptions, AB501 for a study of issues regarding the death penalty. (BDR S-1103) Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections.

3:30 p.m. Senate Transportation

Room: 2135

Bills to be heard: AB204 Revises provisions regarding salvage vehicles and total loss vehicles, AB463 an expedited process for the forfeiture of certain seized vehicles, AB508 provisions governing mopeds.

Upon adjournment of Assembly Transportation Assembly Ways and Means

Room: 3137

Bills to be heard: AB93 Provides for the establishment of a pilot diversion program within the Department of Corrections to provide treatment for alcohol or drug abuse or mental illness to certain probation violators, AB98 the Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act, AB100 the Uniformed Military and Overseas Absentee Voters Act, AB114 the amount of the fee for issuing and recording a certain permit for an existing water right for irrigational purposes, AB137 provisions governing programs of nutrition in public schools, AB160 provisions governing the financial reports of certain medical facilities, AB334 from the limitation on the total proposed budgetary expenditures for a biennium any expenditures from the State Distributive School Account in the State General Fund.