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Let’s hope legislators are coming for the right reasons

Do you get the feeling that the special session is shaping up to look more like an old West gunfight than a concerted effort to find the most painless solutions to the state’s budget crisis.

In recent days, Democrats have hurled accusations that it’s a ploy for the governor to steer conversation away from his personal problems. He in turn has called them morons.

There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical that the benefits of calling the session will cover its more-than-$300,000 cost, and chief among them are these attitudes.

It’s a good thing the governor delayed the start of the session, because it looks like our lawmakers need some time to remember what’s most important. It’s not their party or their political careers. It’s the people they work for.

In fact, we’d recommend that legislators arrive early and take some time to contemplate that point. Maybe they could take a drive around and talk to everyday people. It won’t be hard for them to find people living in poverty, people a paycheck away from not being able to afford the mortgage payment and business owners wondering if they’re going to make it through the downturn.

We’re not certain of the governor’s motives for calling this session (we’re hoping to see an agenda soon), but it’s going to happen and we urge lawmakers to use it on behalf of the people rather than the politicians.

To legislators, things have changed a great deal since you last convened in Carson City. When you last left, the people’s business seemed to be tidied up and ready to be put on autopilot for two years. Guess what … the great state of Nevada has lost an engine since then and there’s chaos in the cockpit. We, the passengers, would like to know how this is going to end up.

So, while you’re here, please focus on doing what’s best for Nevada. And, before you leave, make sure you’ve made progress on finding answers to this questions: “How can we prevent this kind of crisis from happening again in Nevada.”

This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board.