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Letters to the editor

Gibbons texts while Nevada burns

First there was the Vegas episode in the parking garage. Assault charges attributed to Jim Gibbons against a drunken cocktail waitress were mysteriously dropped. Still, we had the image of our soon-to-be-governor making a sound judgment by helping the inebriated woman into her car so she could drive the Vegas streets. Good call dude. And just why was he there in the first place?

Second, we have the FBI investigation into defense contracts, kickbacks, cruises, casinos, consulting work, etc. Lucky for the Guv that both the FBI and the Unjustice Department are virtually impotent due to the Bush Administration’s politicizing of everything in Washington. It seems it’s OK to fire U.S. Attorneys at will and replace them with Republican appointees who quickly morph into the incompetent cronies we’ve become accustomed to. And if we ever do get our Justice Department back, then Mr. Gibbons’ mansion residence may be moot, since he could be looking at new roomies named Bubba and Snake.

Third, we now have the picture of Nero texting while Nevada burns. A desperate man who sends hundreds of messages like a lovesick schoolboy to another man’s estranged wife. And in turn wants to dump his present wife, citing bogus reasons while trying to keep the public out of it. Sorry Guv, you wanted the public life, so now you have to deal with it.

In desperate times, we don’t need a desperate man. We need a leader with vision and intelligence. We need someone who can gather up the bright minds to come up with viable solutions to our state’s problems. All we get from Mr. Gibbons is the same old worn out mantra of “I won’t raise taxes” while thousands of Nevada citizens suffer through this mess. Maybe if Mr. Gibbons could put his brain into gear to help solve this current situation instead of putting his infatuation ahead of everything else, then … Nope. I don’t think he is capable of thinking very clearly at the present time.

Mr. Gibbons is one of the classic conservatives who ran his campaign on morals and family values. And like so many before him, he has become an embarrassment. Isn’t there something about coveting another man’s wife that is a big time no-no in the family values community ” or is it just the same old hypocrisy from the party of Abramoff, Delay and Craig?

I would suggest that Mr. Gibbons texts his resignation as soon as possible. This is no longer a joke. He is not fit to be governor of this state. If he doesn’t resign, then we should do a “Gray Davis” on him ASAP and recall him immediately.


Carson City

Nevada falling victim to tax system

Sales tax revenue should never be used to fund the necessary services. When the economy goes flat as it is today, car sales and big items sales fall by the wayside.

The natural resources that are removed from this state should have a value added tax. Even when the economy is flat the mining companies are making huge profits. They can’t move the mines out of Nevada.

The lottery is not a good revenue generator. The Las Vegas casinos are monuments that will not move. The gaming tax should be increased to at least the average of all the casinos in other states that are not operating on Indian lands. The present casinos are having a free lunch on the taxpayers of Nevada.

And finally, the Indian casinos have hurt Northern Nevada gaming income and thus hurt the people of Nevada. The Nevada casinos that have sponsored the Indian casinos are receiving a large income stream from the Indian casinos. The money received is not taxed in Nevada because it is not gaming income. The people of Nevada are thus funding the casinos investments.


Carson City

Enjoyed the parade

I just returned home after watching the Carson Valley Parade. What a great parade! The participants were very enthusiastic and everyone was so friendly. The children I saw running after candy were having so much fun and really excited about it all.

But what really impressed me was the old Case tractor. Kudos to the mechanic that got the old steam engine running. I understand it was thanks to Mr. Don Bently that we were fortunate to see something so special from the past.

Looking forward to next year’s Carson Valley Days!