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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 2

Evidence abounds that world is result of intelligent design

Regarding evolution, yes! Regarding creation, yes! Is there an intelligent creator? Without question!

Regarding the creation story in the Bible in Genesis: can any of you tell me how long is God’s Day? I think not.

David Evanson

Carson City

Broken system of government cheats our nation’s citizens

To Dean Heller: Dean, your comments to the joint Nevada Legislature on March 28 were enlightening. One word stood out to me above all others, and it is a word that you utilized a number of times: “reasonable.”

The word is devoid of politics, parties, personal gains, power enhancements, side benefits of being on the public dime. I can’t help but wonder how often, other than in public statements, is the word “reasonable” and its close relative, “reason” actually genuinely massaged by you folks once you leave your constituencies. What happens to you and most of your colleagues (mostly fellow attorneys) when you’re elected to exercise reasonable reason in deliberating, compromising, and enacting laws for the betterment of the citizens of our great nation?

We the people, after the election noise is gone and after the millions of dollars in election funding has been spent, don’t care at all whether you folks are Democrats or Republicans, Independents or whatever. What we do care about is the effective reasonable interaction of all of the Congress to better this nation and its people. Where is the reason in the reasonable, Dean? Perhaps a complacent frustrated majority of plain old voters in this country is great for you politicos to prosper and play your clever games at our expense (wink, wink). You must realize somewhere in the corner of your eyes or a small sliver of your minds that this fiasco that once governed and no longer does much of anything … it simply cannot continue.

Jonathan Brown