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10-year-old bicyclist escapes Tahoe abduction attempt

Nevada Appeal News Service

A 10-year-old bicyclist escaped an attempted abduction Friday when a man blocked his path with a truck and tried to grab the back of the boy’s shirt, South Lake Tahoe police reported.

Sgt. Brian Williams said the suspect is a thin white male adult with a tan complexion, 5-foot-8-to-5-foot-10 with medium-length brown hair spiked in the front and a trimmed goatee.

The boy said the suspect was driving a white full-sized pickup truck, late 1990s model, with an extended or crew cab and a black bug shield.

Williams said the boy was riding his bicycle with two friends in the area of Eloise Avenue and Third Street in South Lake Tahoe about

6 p.m.

The boy said the suspect drove in front of him and used the truck to block his path. The victim stopped and immediately began to back up and turn his bicycle around. The suspect got out of his truck and lunged at the boy in an effort to grab him.

Williams said the boy rode his bicycle away from the suspect who grabbed the back of his shirt.

The suspect got in his truck and tried to overtake the boy on his bicycle. The victim said he and his friends escaped by riding his bicycle off the roadway and through alleys and parking lots in the area.

The boys watched the suspect drive around searching for them for the next few minutes before leaving the area.

Williams said the boys did not recognize the suspect.

“As the crime occurred at dusk, and took the young boy by surprise, it was difficult for the victim to provide a complete description of the suspect and the vehicle,” Williams said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the South Lake Tahoe Police Department, 530-542-6100, case no. 1001-1246.