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$3.5M in grants available to nonprofits and public entities

Staff report

Public entities and nonprofit organizations in rural Nevada and blighted urban areas have until Aug. 21 to apply for $3.5 million in grants for economic development.

Cities, counties and rural development authorities can apply to the Nevada Commission on Economic Development for the Nevada Economic Development Fund.

The fund, created through Senate Bill 1 in 2005, established a special revenue fund to be used to help communities with less than 100,000 residents and portions of larger urban areas that need help to become economically viable again.

Grants in rural areas can be used to diversify the economy and establish programs for community development. Grants can also be used in the development and support of entrepreneurs, the development of business leadership and the education and training of the workforce. Of the $3.5 million available, $3 million is earmarked for the rural areas. The remaining amount is set aside for blighted urban areas.

Grants can be used for various projects, including the installation of sewer/water pipes for an industrial park. Priority will be given to applicants that have indicated they have matching funding for the project or program.

Applications for the first round of funding are due Aug. 21 for consideration at the September meeting of the Nevada Commission on Economic Development.

This is the first time the commission has been able to provide direct funding to communities to help with economic development and diversification efforts.


For more detailed information on the Nevada Economic Development Fund, visit http://www.expand2Nevada.com. For a grant application contact Jerry Sandstrom, commission deputy director, at (702) 486-2700 or Joe Locurto, rural economic development coordinator at (775) 687-4325.