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A new take on the traditional cafeteria

Teri Vance
Eagle Valley Middle School seventh grader Yanitzia Perez eyes the fruit basket during lunch break.
Jim Grant / jgrant@nevadaappeal.com | Nevada Appeal

Antonio Brown, 13, chose a sub sandwich for lunch Tuesday while Jennifer Arrellano, 14, went with a chef salad.

Along with last year’s remodel of Eagle Valley Middle School, came a new design to its cafeteria and a new way of serving food.

“It’s a really unique system,” said Mark Korinek, operations manager for the Carson City School District. “Students have the choice of different items. It’s been really successful.”

Students have a choice of about five different entrees, along with a variety of side dishes, including fruit and vegetables.

“I actually like this one better,” Brown said. “In a regular cafeteria, they just hand you things. Here, you get to choose what you want. You can just grab the stuff yourself.”

Principal Lee Conley said the new design is popular with students and more efficient.

“It’s quick,” he said. “It’s actually sped things up. The kids know exactly where stuff is.”

Arrellano was happy with her salad.

Some staples, like pizza and sandwiches, appear daily, with different specials added day to day.

Conley said he likes to sample those to encourage students to try new foods.

On Tuesday, he chose he Baja spicy chicken wrap.

“It’s excellent,” he said, eating it while the students waited in line for their food. “I’m good at advertising it. I model eating.”