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A worthwhile sacrifice


Keela Rupert, 8, cut 10 inches off of her hair Feb. 5 to donate to Wigs 4 Kids, an organization that provides wigs to cancer patients and other young people with illnesses.

“When a little girl had cancer, her hair started to fall out because of the medicine she took,” Keela explained. “It’s nice to help people.”

Her father, Ted, said she went in for a trim but changed her mind when the hairstylist explained the program.

“She paused, then said, ‘My dad said if you have a lot of something and someone else has nothing, then you should give some away. So yes, I want to donate my hair’,” Ted related. “It was a very proud moment for me.”

The Fritsch Elementary School third-grader is happy with her new look.

“I really like it good,” she said.