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A4 Muzzleloader results pd

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

Eagle Valley Muzzleloaders Rendezvous contest winners:

Aggregate (tomahawk and knife throw, rifle shoot, pistol shoot and fire start):

Dave “Double Jack Knife” McClenahan

Men’s Rifle Shoot:

Dave “Six Lips” Levine

Women’s Rifle Shoot:

Della “Half Point” Mozzini

Men’s Pistol:

Gordon “Plenty Fingers” Nutter

Women’s Pistol Shoot:

Sue Bennett

Men’s Tomahawk and Knife Throw:

John “Grey Beard” Moeller

Women’s Tomahawk and Knife Throw:

Della “Half Point” Mozzini

Long Gong One:

Pat Zimmerman

Long Gong Two:

Angie “Oakley” Nelson

– Staff reports