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A5 fema funds

Cory McConnell
Appeal Staff Writer

Federal officials approved more than $1.9 million in aid money for Northern Nevada counties hit by massive snowstorms around the turn of the new year.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency funds reimburse counties for 75 percent of “eligible” snow-related costs, which include overtime pay, hired contractors and snow- removal equipment.

Carson City’s take of the emergency aid comes to nearly $128,000, much of it for overtime pay for city staff who worked long hours clearing streets of the surprisingly large amounts of snow dumped early this year.

The storms, which hit on New Year’s weekend and again a week later, broke records for snowfall in Northern Nevada and wreaked havoc on roads and transportation.

Carson City road crews were awakened in the early morning hours of Dec. 29, when the sheriff’s office reported the first sign of snow sticking to the roads.

The crews worked through the night and into the next day, when they were split into two shifts, 12 hours on and 12 hours off, for the next several days.

“It was a challenge for us because some of our snow plows are not in such good shape,” said Carson City public works official Curtis Horton. “If it wasn’t for our vehicle maintenance guys we would have had a real tough time. They were in there constantly repairing (plows).”

Cars weren’t the only mode of transportation halted by the freak storms. Reno-Tahoe International Airport was also forced to shut down at one point.

The airport is receiving more than $270,000 in federal aid. Washoe County will be reimbursed another $340,000 for costs relating to the two storms.

Douglas County will get about $34,000 and Lyon County is slated to receive more than $21,000.

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