Accused murderer appears in court |

Accused murderer appears in court

William Ferchland
Nevada Appeal News Service
Ramiro Galicia waived his extradition rights to Douglas County on Wednesday in El Dorado Superior Court. He is accused in Sunday's murder of 22-year-old Jazmin Gonzalez-Morgado. Jim Grant/Nevada Appeal News Service

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE – Ramiro Vazquez Galicia appeared in El Dorado County court Wednesday on charges of murder, kidnapping and conspiracy in the death of his estranged girlfriend.

He waived his extradition rights to Douglas County, but since he violated probation in El Dorado County, he will not be moved immediately.

Jazmin Gonzalez-Morgado, 22, requested a restraining order two months ago against Vazquez Galicia, in which the Horizon Casino Resort housekeeper detailed being punched in the face, choked and kicked in the head.

On Sunday, authorities believe Vazquez Galicia, 35, ignored the restraining order and had friend Evan Garcia rent a room at the hotel, where he hid in a closet and killed Gonzalez-Morgado with a hammer.

In a request for a restraining order filed in September at Tahoe Township Justice Court, the 22-year-old mother detailed domestic violence from a man she lived with for eight years.

“Ramiro has been abusive to me for the eight years,” she wrote with help from an interpreter. “I have a hard time breathing because of the many years Ramiro punching me on the nose. He also kicked and punched me, leaving bruises.”

Gonzalez-Morgado detailed an incident in December 2005 where she was on the phone with her mother and Vazquez Galicia came home drunk. He thought she was on the phone with someone else. He called her names, including “worthless,” “garbage” and “vomit.”

“After the name calling, he began punching me on the face giving me a bloody nose, pulling my hair and kicking me in the head,” she wrote.

According to court records at El Dorado County Superior Court, Vazquez Galicia was arrested for the December incident, charged with domestic violence and obstructing an officer, and pleaded guilty in January to a misdemeanor charge of injuring a spouse or cohabitant.

In April, Gonzalez-Morgado stated Vazquez Galicia came home from work upset and in a bad mood, the records stated.

Gonzalez-Morgado said he punched her in the face, giving her a bloody nose, and choked her.

“With him choking me, I could hardly breath,” she wrote.

As part of his sentence of two years probation from the December incident, Vazquez Galicia enrolled in a batterer’s program at the South Lake Tahoe Women’s Center and was told to complete 52 weeks of classes.

In August he finished 30 classes, missing one. Several comments were written on his progress report.

“Ramiro has taken full responsibility for his behavior and is making positive change toward a better lifestyle,” it read.

The next month, the same period when Gonzalez-Morgado requested a restraining order and she said Vazquez Galicia threatened her with a knife, another comment was made.

“Mr. Galicia has show(n) good progress. He has learned new skills in the group and is implementing them in his family life,” it read.

The restraining order was issued Oct. 24 and expired Oct. 27, 2007.

“I would like a restraining order so I can feel I’m in peace,” she wrote.

Less than a month after the order was issued, Gonzalez-Morgado was murdered on the eighth floor of Horizon. Vazquez Galicia is being named the main suspect.

Vazquez Galicia turned himself in to South Lake Tahoe police.

Garcia, 23, told authorities he wasn’t in the room when the crime occurred. He will appear in Tahoe Township Justice Court on Monday.

He is charged with accessory to murder and conspiracy. He is being held without bail.

Besides the body and a bloody hammer, two rolls of duct tape, blood-stained scissors, a wig, a utility razor and two notes were found in the room.

Vazquez Galicia will next appear in court Dec. 8. He is being held in jail without bail.