Accused preacher shooter gets probation |

Accused preacher shooter gets probation

Staff report

The man accused of shooting a Silver Springs preacher during an alleged drug deal was sentenced to probation Tuesday.

Juan Martinez, 24, received three years’ probation in exchange for pleading no contest to principal to robbery with a deadly weapon. He will also be deported to Mexico.

During the preliminary hearing April 25, victim Jonathan Stewart testified he’d been in Nevada for one day to take over as pastor for a Silver Springs church when he asked a woman at the North Carson Street Albertson’s on Nov. 14 if she knew where he could get some methamphetamine.

The female took Stewart to a College Parkway apartment complex, where he allegedly met up with Martinez and co-defendant Fidel Fuentes. During the alleged drug deal, a fight broke out after Fuentes allegedly tried to steal Stewart’s money. Martinez is accused of shooting Stewart in the head. The bullet grazed Stewart, and Fuentes and Martinez allegedly fled.

However, defense attorney Kevin Walsh said the preacher’s story was inconsistent with evidence found at the scene.

He said justice was served in the case.

“I think the prosecution did the honorable thing by recognizing there were problems with the case,” he said. “They made their decision based on the facts as they saw them and not on who he was.”