Accused sex offender can’t decide on his plea |

Accused sex offender can’t decide on his plea

Steve Putersk
Lahontan Valley News
Lahontan Valley NewsJustin Davis Mathis

A 24-year-old Fallon man accused of sexual assault and lewdness couldn’t decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty in District Court on Tuesday.

When asked by Judge Leon Aberasturi how he would plea, Justin Davis Mathis said he “had no idea” about what plea to enter. Mathis then shrugged his shoulders in what looked like a sign of confusion and said, “I guess I’ll plead guilty.”

Aberasturi then stopped Mathis and said he wasn’t comfortable with Mathis’ plea and continued the case until next Tuesday.

“I can’t take maybe, sort of, kind of,” Aberasturi said. “You either plea guilty or you don’t, so I’ll continue the matter for another week.”

Aberasturi said if there is any hesitation from Mathis during his plea next week, the court would enter a not guilty plea on his behalf and set the case for trial.

Mathis is accused of sexually assaulting and fondling a 13-year-old girl last summer. He was arrested at his Fallon residence in December on one count of sexual assault with a child under 16 without substantial bodily harm, a Category A felony.