Activities around Carson planned for Bike Month |

Activities around Carson planned for Bike Month

Jeff Moser
Special to the Nevada Appeal

May is National Bike Month, and we’ll be celebrating this event big time here in Carson City. We’re going to have group rides, a city-wide bicycle commuter challenge, bicycle repair clinics, movies, social events, parties and many prizes to give away. There will be something fun to do for just about everyone.

Why bike?

There are several reasons to ride a bike. We ride bicycles for transportation, to exercise and stay healthy, for recreation, and to be kind to the planet.

And what’s great is you can combine all these elements, and enjoy the all the benefits at the same time.


The bicycle is an extraordinarily efficient machine. A human traveling on a bicycle at low to medium speeds of around 10-15 mph uses only the energy required to walk.

In an urban environment, it’s easy to get to where you’re going quickly on a bike. You will often find that the bicycle is actually quicker than a car when getting around the city, especially when you factor in traffic congestion and parking problems.

And this year, with gasoline prices averaging around $4 per gallon, biking for transportation makes more sense than ever.

Far fewer of our children get to school by walking or by bike than they did 30 years ago.

Our school zones have become some of the worst traffic problems in the city, and the pollution is higher in these areas because of all the idling vehicles.

Getting kids back on bikes will easily solve these problems we’ve created.

Exercise and Health

It’s no secret that Americans need more exercise. Biking to work and other activities is an efficient and fun way to get the exercise you need, without having to find extra time to work out.

And now that we have warmer weather and extended daylight, getting out with the family for an evening bike ride is a great way to spend quality time together and keep the whole family fit.

Once you get the bike bug, it’s not long before you want to see how far you can ride or how high you can climb.

We live in a great area to test both of these activities, and push your body to new fitness levels.

Good for the Environment

Biking reduces air and noise pollution, cuts down on traffic congestion, making our community a healthier and safer place to live. More bicycle use means a smaller carbon footprint.

Autos are the single largest source of U.S. air pollution. Short trips are up to three times more polluting per mile than long trips. When bicycling is substituted for short auto trips, 3.6 pounds of pollutants per mile are not emitted into the atmosphere.

Ten bikes can park in the space used by a single motor vehicle. Too often overlooked and underrated, the bicycle is the simplest and most pleasurable way to get healthier while saving our environment and reconnecting with our community in a positive way.


In addition to being so practical and good for you and your community, bicycles are fun. Riding a bike as an adult is just as fun as it was as a kid.

It’s an activity that most everyone can participate in, no matter what their age or income bracket.

Cycling is something the whole family can participate in, and it can be done locally.

With gas prices high and employment low, there will be many “staycations” this year.

Thankfully, there is so much you can do on a bicycle in and near Carson City. We have many paths and trails to explore around the city.

There are many country roads and mountain passes to explore just outside the city limits. Challenging mountain bike trails await the adventurous in the surrounding mountains. It doesn’t take long to get away from it all and find solitude here in Nevada.

So now that you know how great the bicycle is, and how wonderful it is living in Carson City, here’s a look at some of the events we have going on for May’s Bike Month.

• 9 a.m. today: Tour of Carson Road Ride hosted by the Bike Habitat. Meet at the Bike Habitat, 911 Topsy Lane.

• May 4: Womens Bicycle Repair Clinic at the Bike Habitat. A class for women, taught by a woman.

• 11 a.m. May 9: Downtown ride with Carson City Supervisors at Telegraph Square.

• May 11: Vulnerable User Procession

• May 11: Flat Tire Repair Clinic at the Bike Smith

• May 14: Bicycle Movie Night

• May 16-20: Bike to Work Week including the Corporate Challenge. Last year, Carson City cyclists completed 987 trips by bike and logged in 3,234 miles.

• May 16: After work Bike Social at the Tap Shack with live music.

• May 16: West Side Cruiser Ride at Telegraph Square

• May 20: Bike to Work Day. Free Coffee at commuter stations. Evening party at the Firkin and Fox with live music, prizes, and other activities.

• May 21: Run (and ride) for the Bucket at Riverview Park

For more information on times and locations and more events visit the events calendar at