Aerial reseeding of burn area delayed to today |

Aerial reseeding of burn area delayed to today

Robyn Moormeister

Aerial reseeding on the Waterfall fire burn area was postponed Wednesday when workers found they had more seed than the helicopter could handle.

Helicopter reseeding of 4,000 charred acres west of Carson City was scheduled begin Wednesday. Carl Pence of the U.S. Forest Service said plans were stalled when Pacific Erosion Group, LLC of Parker, Colo., found “the seed mix was a lot bulkier than they thought it would be.”

Two buckets used to carry the seed under K-MAX helicopters can hold a maximum of 400 pounds of seed. Bucket volume, not seed weight, Pence said, was underestimated.

The buckets were fitted with metal “collars” Wednesday, for added capacity.

If all goes as planned, Pence said, the K-MAX helicopters will lift off and start spreading the seed shortly after 7 a.m. today.

Over 15 days within the next month, helicopters will drop an estimated 6.4 million pounds of rice straw and 96,000 pounds of grass seed.

Pacific Erosion Group, LLC was awarded a $1.1 million contract from the state to do the job.

For the next nine days, large straw bales will be trucked to a stockpile off of Timberline Drive.

This will increased traffic on College Parkway, and city workers will be on the scene for traffic control.

Pence said a public information center will be set up at the Timberline Drive site to address residents’ questions and concerns.

Residents can also find updated rehabilitation information at

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