AG’s office targets "enlargement" scam |

AG’s office targets "enlargement" scam

Geoff Dornan, Appeal Capitol Bureau

The Nevada Attorney General’s Office and U.S. Customs Service joined to raid a Las Vegas business Tuesday for selling herbal products they claimed will increase the size of parts of the body.

Consumer Advocate Tim Hay said one of the products was marketed under the name of Longitude and claimed to greatly increase penile size in a matter of months. The company also marketed a product it described as “an implant in a bottle” guaranteed to increase breast size in a matter of weeks.

Hay said they even claimed their product Stature would increase a person’s height by up to 4 inches.

Hay said the investigation began after consumers complained they couldn’t get promised refunds and that the products didn’t do what they claimed.

Michael and Geraldine Consoli and Vincent Passafiume were listed as owners of the business. Prosecutors say they are investigating possible criminal charges in the case.

Hay said the warrant is similar to one executed by the Arizona attorney general’s office in May involving the same company and individuals.